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Pirates 'R Us - PSP Running Games on Memory Stick

Here's one of the reason why Sony has not launched the PSP here. Piracy is so widespread and tolerated that my cousin has bought a PSP package from a well known mall unknowingly that it's already modified to play games directly from a memory stick. And you don't need to load any other third party apps, just load the games direct from memory. My cousin was buying his first PSP so he doesn't know a thing about it. When the saleslady told him that the package would include a lot of games, he immediately paid for it. Guess what, the games where saved in memory sticks and a DVD compilation.

You can see the PSP 3.40oc-a Custom Firmware in action in the video above. Just to clarify things, the Philippines may be a haven for pirated video games but it doesn't mean that the Philippines is the source of these. The custom firmware came from some guy in America and the games obviously came from the internet or from some compilation DVD from some Chinese or Malaysian guys. The only problem the Philippines have is the lack of laws to prevent the proliferation of pirated games.


  1. Your knowledge of the PSP custom firmwares is sorely lacking. The custom firmware you mentioned did not come from "some guy in America", but from a hacker in Spain named Dark Alex. 3.40 OE-A was his last custom firmware release. Since then, a team of Russian hackers called M33 have picked up where he left off.

  2. @Karlo: I see nothing wrong with Mr. Anonymous' post. He is merely trying to correct you. Faggotry? How highly professional of you.

    If you think the information he provided you is right then change that "some guy in America" line. Don't leave it as it is. I'm not trying to say give credit to the guy who cracked the Sony PSP but what I'm saying is be open to correction and criticism rather than "bashing" the anonymous poster.

    Where in his post do you think he is unsure of what he commented about? Dark Alex did create the Custom firmware and the hacker group called M33 did continue his work.

    Please do some research before you post its common sense.

    You can find that info in the following sites:

    And of course the more classic place to find it -


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