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Upgrade / downgrade your PSP to 3.40OE-A custom firmware

Having trouble with devhook lately? Can't play that latest game because your emulated firmware is just 3.11? Fret not, here is a step by step guide in achieving that psp ecstasy.

First things first. Why do we need to upgrade / downgrade your psp to 3.40E-A (Open Edition revision A)? Well here is why:

-Runs iso and cso without using devhook or any other umd emulator
-Build in P.O.P.S. (Playstation One Portable System) plays PSX (playstation 1) images instantly
-Updated software with camera and RSS support
-Compatible with the latest games 3.11 and above
-Runs homebrew applications even if your firmware is not 1.5

Get your PSP and flash it now!

Before we begin, make sure you understand the risks involve


You must have a PSP that is capable of reading homebrew applications (i.e. 1.5 firmware). If you haven't downgraded it to 1.5 here's a guide

Next, download the AIO 3.40OE installer which can be found here

Run the installer on your computer and it will automatically save the required files on your memory stick (I suggest formatting it first), assuming your psp is connected to your computer via usb.

go to the Game section on your psp and then access your memory card. You will now see a new program Upgrade to 3.40OE-A. Before running it, make sure your psp has a 75% and above battery life, if not, charge it first. Flashing while connected to an outlet is not recommended.

If you already prayed and accepted the fact that whatever happens I still love Siopao Master. Run the program and watch it flash your psp to 3.40OE. The whole ordeal will run in approx. 3 minutes. After the installation, restart your psp manually and enjoy the benefits of 3.4OE

Happy Gaming!

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