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Winners of the GameOPS Lineage 2 CBT Account Giveaway!

It's finally here! Lineage II SEA Closed Beta will be live tomorrow, July 12th 2007, at 1:00PM Philippine Time (+8GMT) and all the GameOPS contest winners have been included in the first batch of CBT account holders.

You should by now have received an email from Asian Media regarding your account details and instructions on how to activate it. If your name is on this list and have not received any emails from Asian Media, please email us at lineage2 (AT) gameops (DOT) net


  1. Melvin Phua Teng Juan - Singapore

  2. Keno Rion R. Peralta - Philippines

  3. Frederick Lo - Philippines

  4. Lee Chee Yong Lionel - Singapore

  5. Karl Lawrence Bautista Abiog - Philippines

  6. Paolo Dino Fabie - Philippines

  7. Pham Huan Nghiep - Singapore

  8. John Oliver Lim - Philippines

  9. Raymond Gan - Philippines

  10. Vergil Felix Edward C. Tudtud - Philippines

  11. cloud2004 - Philippines

  12. Pocholo Austero - Philippines

  13. Nedi Nurniza - Singapore

  14. Stanley Choi - Singapore

  15. Mervin Uy - Singapore

  16. Natalie Patricia Ann Tantioco - Philippines

  17. Chev - Philippines

  18. Benedict Lim - Philippines

  19. Dominic Nuesa - Philippines

  20. Noli Rafallo - Philippines

  21. Nikita Lim - Philippines

  22. John Barry Ballaran - Philippines

  23. Viril Calimlim - Philippines

  24. Vushtorm Calimlim - Philippines

  25. Visam Calimlim - Philippines

  26. James Noel W. Pabico - Philippines

  27. Francis Jacob V. Bince - Philippines

  28. Niño Domiciano Aldaba Ruiz Jr. - Philippines

  29. Harley C. Dangan - Philippines

  30. Christine C. Ramos - Philippines

  31. Martin Allan Ignacio Rivera - Philippines

  32. Jerson Ramos - Philippines

  33. Miko Ojeda - Philippines

  34. Glen V. Merto - Philippines

  35. Daniel de la Cruz - Philippines

  36. Patricia A. Marcos - Philippines

  37. Gian Carlo Bengero - Philippines

  38. Brian Roy Villanueva - Philippines

  39. Donabel dela Pena - Philippines

  40. Yousef A. Almadhoun - Philippines

Asian Media has also released the latest music video for the Lineage II game.

CALLA LILY’s hit single “Pasan” from their gold album “Destination XYZ” has been designated the official soundtrack of the online game, Lineage II™. In fact, animated sequences from the Triple-A MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) can be seen in the music video for “Pasan”.

AsianMedia Chief Operating Officer, Ronald Allan Aquino revealed that DVD game installers of Lineage II will include the “Pasan” music video.

Likewise, specially marked copies of “Destination XYZ”, released by Sony BMG Entertainment Philippines and available in record stores nationwide will also carry the Lineage II game installer.

“More than providing theme music you can listen to while playing Lineage II, Calla Lily and ‘Pasan’ capture a key strategy for playing the game, which is working as a team to get to where you want to go and not leaving anyone behind,” said Aquino.

Lineage II features intriguing and highly sophisticated political, economic, and social systems that add another dimension to the game’s power struggles which are not found in other MMORPGs.

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  1. about fking time L2 arrived in the phils. we've been playing in private servers for 4 years! - wally


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