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An Email from a Piracy Supporter and More...

No this is not part of the ongoing drama of the Philippine Blogosphere, it's more like of a sitcom...

Two of GameOPS' recent posts have spread throughout the intarwebs that it even reached GamePro. This prompted an "angry" piracy supporter to email and flame us. Rocky said just ignore the fool and just go on with our lives. But I can't resist to "stalk" this n00b since he/she mistook GamePro as GameSpot. We didn't even email GamePro to inform them about our post. Geez.

From his IP, I managed to verify that the hater is from the Philippines.
netname: Plan1995
address: PLDT Sampaloc
country: PH
phone: +63-2-885-9176
e-mail: ***********
descr: GNTC10K01_Plan1995

Since the info I've gathered will take me no where, I decided to stop. Until several incoming links from a Philippine community of XBOX owners came in. You'll be surprised with the comments they posted on their forum. Their comments and my reactions after the jump.

It doesn't follow that simply because we're Filipinos, we will condone the actions of people who steal copyrighted materials, in this case... selling of p*r*t*d video games.

We used to buy p*r*t*d games, and that was about years ago. During the Famicom era. Why couldn't you accept that some people still prefer to buy legit softwares?

If you have been following our articles about piracy, we have clearly stated that these p*r*t*d games either came from China or Malaysia. We never said it came from the Philippines.

The harsh reality is, we're exposing the truth in our society and the problem with some of you is that you're afraid of change. Some of you cannot accept the fact that something of value to you might be lost just because someone is telling the truth.

I don't want to point fingers but the logical source of that email could have come from the forum above. The GameOPS Response-O-Matic form is located on our About Page. The link that the one posted on their forum is the link to our About Page. And the incoming links and email were just minutes apart. Go figure.

One member even welcomed me to the forum. I've been a lurker there since early 2004 and registered an account on 2005.

A few days later, the same guy who posted the link to our about page posted another link. It's an entry where we recommended EYO Sales for modifying game consoles for import games. He reasoned that the only purpose of modchips is for piracy. O RLY?!

Karlo even joined the discussion. When our conversations started to go nowhere, I asked:


Atleast one person remembered GameOPS,

Oh well, you can't please everybody. Another point for my prediction #2 for year 2007.

Quoting my friend Alvin, "only in the philippines! ...were posting an article is a big f*cking deal"


  1. most pxb guys buy pirated games anyway.

  2. LOL!!! I just saw that thread. Funny. Especially xAix.

  3. @anonymous above me - you should see how that big bozo looks like. ;)

  4. quote: most pxb guys buy pirated games anyway.

    natawa naman ako sa post na to. fanboy na fanboy

  5. quote: natawa naman ako sa post na to. fanboy na fanboy

    yeah fanboy ng pxb forum yan, kaya he knows what is really happening siguro, d ba?

  6. Stop wasting your time on those kids. Half of them are still on diapers when we're playing Pong. Woops!

    I'll be checking with my boss regarding the guy who's account says "XBOX Tech Support" is really working at the Fort... We don't need guys like that here at Microsoft.

  7. When they think that modchips are only for pirated games, then all credibility is lost.

  8. Very predictable response from piracy supporters. I can point 2 guys from that thread who have brought pirated x360 games...........

  9. hey guys! I miss the Philippines! back here in NV it's hard to find import games from japan and you have to mod your console for yourself, DIY stuffs back here, dang! i hate hotswaps and freeloaders! miss the PH!

  10. I don't understand what the problem is with spreading the truth.

    Kudos to Gameops for having the guts to post those anti-piracy articles.

  11. sup man good site. I found it thru concerning the piracy issue.

    To the piracy supporter: hey f**ktard, a good amount of people in the games industry knows that piracy is pretty big in asia.


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