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Pirates 'R Us - Pirates literally selling fake Wii games

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We've earlier reported that the success of the Nintendo Wii console have prompted the pirates to re-release their bootleg copies of Nintendo GameCube games. Nintendo GameCube wasn't popular among the masses here in the Philppines since the availability of pirated games and modchip just materialized on the last years of the GameCube's life.

I was just surprised to see the number of Wii games being sold in Greenhills especially this one store in Shopesville. The clearbook folder where they keep a list of their available games centainly contains lots of titles for the Wii. But upon closer examination, you would see that the games are actually Nintendo GameCube games, pressed on normal sized DVDs.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is a GameCube game no doubt. The same goes to Tony Hawk Underground 2.

And there's this uber difficult Resident Evil 0 exclusive for the Nintendo GameCube. The only Resident Evil that I haven't finished. Return that damn storage box! Dammit!

Another Zelda game for the GameCube. I haven't played this one yet though.

Metroid 3 for the Wii won't be released until August 27, 2007. So what the hell is this game? The saleslady told me that this is the latest Metroid game for the Wii. OOOOHHKKKAAAAYYY...

The remake of the original Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation came out for the GameCube and not for the Wii. Again, the saleslady told me that this is the latest MGS game that will also come out for the PlayStation 3.

People like me won't fall for these traps but how about moms buying a Wii for their kids? The store where I found these games is also selling a Nintendo Wii package for about P20,000+ (approx. US$444.44). The package includes a Japanese Nintendo Wii and about 10 of these supposedly Wii games. I acted like I don't know anything about games so I asked if the games they're selling are legit, and she said yes.

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  1. i want to go to the philllipines!


  3. That's some of the nicest pirated box art I've ever seen but I have one question: Why did they go to all the trouble? Anyone who's going to be fooled by this and buy these games probably doesn't need box art this good to convince them.

    But it is good ...

  4. a Nintendo Wii package for about P20,000+ (approx. US$444.44).this price is so so high.. but buy original games can be careful.


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