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Beam Me Up, Zaido!

GMA-7's upcoming original series, the descendant of Shaider, has been a hot topic among Filipino fans. After news broke out that the planned Shaider remake was scrapped, fans were both relieved and curious about what the new series would look like. However, recent teaser photos of the show's costumes have left many fans disappointed.

The photo in question reveals a badge that looks like a blatant rip-off of the Star Trek communicator. This news has left many fans wondering how the rest of the show's costumes will look. Some fans have expressed concerns that the staff and director responsible for the show's costumes are the same ones who gave us previous rip-offs in the past.

Despite the disappointing teaser photo, fans are still excited to see what the descendant of Shaider has in store for them. Will the show be a worthy successor to the original, or will it be a disappointment like previous rip-offs?



  2. i suggest we will make a rip-off of 24 in supermarionation using diecast cars and model aurplanes

  3. I think these paople are SICK!!! I hate the things they do to good stories, like they did Captain Barbel! WTF!@#$ Tengteng is just a humble scrap metal collector Jeeze! they turned him into an alien making the original Captain Barbel into a Smallville ripoff!! >< They are despirate sickos and I would hate to see another great story from my childhood being bastardized by these Phsycos!@# It's a good thing TOEI Scrapped their remake idea of Shider because I think that they saw how the people at GMA screwed up the story BIG TIME!!!

  4. How much would it have cost to have some art student make an original logo? Not only is GMA uncreative, they're cheap.


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