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Datablitz's New Arrivals

Datablitz has an updated catalog of its PC games at its website but has still yet to release an online catalog of games from other platforms. I went to several branches of Datablitz today to get hold of their list of newly acquired games so I could do a public service and have the list available online for the convenience of everybody. View the list after the jump.

Available in Datablitz this week

Digimon World Data Squad
Growlanser V
Singstar 80's
Singstar 80's Stand Alone
Singstar Amped
Singstar Amped Stand Alone
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
Warriors Orochi

Nintendo DS
Digimon World Dawn
Digimon World Dusk
Full Metal Alchemist: Trading Card Game
Interactive Storybook DS Series 1
Math Play
My Sims
Namco Museum
Nancy Drew: Deadly Secret of Olde World Park
Smart Boys Gameroom
Smart Girls Playhouse
Sonic Rush Adventure
Spelling Challenges & More
Super Collapse! 3

PSP Slim bundle w/ Daxter
PSP Slim Black
PSP Slim Pink
PSP Slim White
PSP Slim Blue
PSP Slim Purple
Coded Arms Contagion
Super Collapse 3
Yu-gi-oh GX Tag Force 2

Xbox 360
External Sonata
Halo 3
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Text Input Device
Warriors Orochi

Anubis II
Fishing Master
My Sims
Pool Party

That was work. I do hope they upload this kind of information at their site together with corresponding prices in the future.


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  2. Thanks a lot for the info! Great work! :D

  3. oh nice, hahah very helpful. can you get ps3 game titles? thnx

  4. how much this item
    PSP Slim bundle w/ Daxter  please reply


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