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New Playstation 2 Hardware confirmed

SCE confirmed rumors by officially unveiling a new version the PlayStation 2.

The latest update of the hardware will be available in three colors, specifically black, white, and silver. According to Sony, it will have a built-in AC adaptor.

Officially announced for Japan release, PS2 model # SCPH-90000 will be also available in Europe according to SCE.

It will retail for ¥16,000 in Japan, the same price as the current model on sale, which is also the same size. No European pricing is yet available for the SCPH-90000 PS2.

Added info: As of today, Playstation 2 has already sold over 120 million units for 7 years.

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  1. kinda silly for sony to make something like this. instead of wasting time and work force to make something out of a dying technology or game platform, they should just keep their hands on the ps3. i mean, the ps2 is like so 7 yrs ago(well for me, i got mine wen i was in hmmm..grade 5?). My ps3 is like a year and 3 months old and there has not been a major firmware update or major add-ons like cooling pads(i will surely need 1 for the summer heat, not from the sun but for the 24 hours of playing that will come..haha)and other stuff. Come on Sony people, arent you tired of getting ur arse kicked by the nintendo people? stop wasting resources on the ps2 and start upgrading the ps3. price cuts are great but new technology is better.


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