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Ragnaboards Mods need Iodized Salt

I was suspended for breaking the "law" of the forum for using an oversized sig

Their "law" stated that:

Signature Rules:

-Should not have dimensions exceeding 500 x 200 pixels (500 pixels width, 200 pixels height).
-Should not be larger than 80kb.

This is my sig

I already changed it to comply with their rules, but Chocolate Milkshake suddenly came from nowhere and suspended me;f=19&id=20

I already warned you once by editing your signature. You were suspended for bringing the oversized image back. smile.gif

I hope you won't have any hard feelings on this. (And besides, I can suspend you right now for violating the above rule and for evading your suspension, so I'm begging you - please comply.)

I posted on a 2nd account this


I said no lame reasons

the mod suspended me because of my sig

I changed the dimensions and the size to comply with your "law" and I did that like 3 weeks ago? no other mods or GM gave a damn about it, so why now?

She replied

I don't really know why would it be necessary to just leave it as is. But the important thing is... You were notified, right? smile.gif

If ever there's a good reason to unban you (okay, don't give me that "that GM is advertising" reason, see first paragraph), then okay -- I will. Probably, it's just an alibi or an excuse, probably it's the real thing, but... You see, I cannot just do what you guys like, since all of us have our own limitations.

*sigh* Guess I can't please everyone. ^_^

Was it really about the sig? So it was 16 pixels larger, she didn't noticed the other sigs which is much larger than mine? The one with 2 sigs?

Before the suspension, I was commenting on the post of GM Tristan III by promoting his blog on Ragnaboards via Midgard Congress section, which is a lame excuse of getting hits on his blog

More information here

1 comment:

  1. your sig is 16pixels bigger! But it's a wayy tad small compared to two image stacked together with each having a 150px size.


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