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Fanboy Fight Fest: Link VS Kratos

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Dante and Kratos? Well I do. So here's a little experiment. If it clicks I'll make more and if you're interested you could send us your Fanboy Fight Fantasies and it might be posted in GameOPS/Videogame Fan!

Why wait? Like it’s hard to imagine Jill Valentine and Ada Wong tearing each others clothes off (put drooling emoticon here).

Let's start! Link vs. Kratos

It was a dark day in Hyrule. Armies of Spartans have surrounded the castle.

Kratos: You! Spartan why the delay? I will conquer this kingdom before nightfall.

Lord Kratos! We have almost reached the castle but our army is being held by a lone knight on horseback.

Kratos: So the legend is true. The hero who wields the master sword who comes during Hyrule’s need…

Kratos: Gods of Olympus! I shall not be thwarted. I am the GOD OF WAR!!! Spartans!!! Destroy this kingdom!

Suddenly a lone rider appears over the hill. The rider has a passenger. A girl was with him.

Kratos: Run boy. Live while you still can.

The girl spoke: You, who are tormented by your Gods, leave this place. We have no quarrel with you.

Kratos: Insolent wench! …

Before Kratos could continue his words the rider dropped from his horse.

A boy. Without even proper armor. Wore a green tunic walked calmly towards him. A few feet away from Kratos he unsheathed his sword.

There was no mistake. This is Link, the legendary hero of Hyrule. The wielder of the master sword.

Kratos: Fool!

In a swift instant Link rolled circularly. Before Kratos could react Link was behind him and was barely able to escape Link’s upper thrust. Kratos was taken aback. Link suddenly jumped towards Kratos. His full momentum in a downward thrust. Swiiiish.

Link was very much focused. This was not your usual wizard fight. Halfway from his powerful downward thrust move he suddenly felt something was wrong. He felt heavier. Then it hit him. Half of his body was turning to stone.

Kratos had suddenly used one of his legendary powers. Medusa’s head.

Link dropped to the floor with a thud. Kratos unleashed the blades of war. His own signature weapons. Repeatedly stabbing Link’s body.

Kratos: Is this you champion!!! (holding Link’s frail body)

He approached the girl with Link. It dawned to him this must be Zelda. The princess of Hyrule.

Kratos have slaughtered your hero, now I will feast on your women.

Zelda was silent. In her hands she held a bottle. Something was glowing inside that bottle. She opened it and suddenly a fairy came out!

Lightning spurted from the sky nailing the fairy.

Kratos: Was that a fairy? But it looked like a boy? (Windwaker Fairy)

All was lost for Hyrule.

When suddenly a bright light exploded in front of Kratos. The queen fairy was smiling at him. Laughing like a shy girl. Link’s body was slowly lifted into the air. Hearts were dancing around him. A few moments later Link looked like he never even met Kratos.

Link was concentrating all his magic on his sword. This was his final attack. He released his magic.

Kratos couldn’t believe his eyes. There were four Link’s each with a different colored tunic. The legendary “Four Swords”

The red Link threw a boomerang. Kratos easily swiped it away. Only to notice that it was a distraction for a fire arrow from another Link. Kratos was hit by the arm. A blue colored Link was spinning madly towards him. He was slashed several times. Finally a green clad Link jumped into the air to repeat the powerful downward thrust only this time his sword was glowing. The master sword was alive.

A puff of smoke and Kratos was gone. One his place was a red rupee.

Zelda: You could have handled that better!

Link: Well excuuuse me princess.


Don’t like the outcome? Do you have something better in mind? Why don’t you submit your own version and be a contributor! Write us at GameOPS and be posted FANBOY!

(Cross posted at The Videogame Fan)


  1. hmmmmm , nice ending, but Kratos, COME ON...

  2. A guy who fights gods vs. a guy who fights with a fairy?

    I'm going with the guy against gods.

  3. Kratos eats characters like Link for breakfast. plus Link never played the "Aphrodite mini-game" with Zelda :p

  4. This is..really pro-link story haha. come on. even though i liked link from the early consoles. Kratos can beat link in many cruel or gruesome ways. even if he turns into four people. he can out match them all.


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