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[Review]Resident Evil Degeneration

No it's not Road Dogg Jessie James, Bad Ass Billy Gun, X-pac, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

12 years after the release of the original Resident Evil. Capcom decided to release a full length CG movie of their masterpiece. Different from the Resident Evil saga spin-off, this movie was 100% based on the game we all loved.

7 years after the events of Resident 2 (Claire and Leon's survival) and Resident Evil 3 (Raccoon City wiped-out) Claire and Leon reunited once again to investigate the new virus outbreak we all know as the T-virus. I must admit, it became nostalgic to me when I watched the whole movie, from the zombie madness to the breaking of glasses, pressure balancing, countdowns and warning announcements.

Too bad there ain't no licker or zombie dogs terrorizing our protagonists but it made up with the battle with the G-virus monster. If you played and memorized the lines of Resident Evil 2 baby this movie is for you, but if you are looking for a horror film better stay away from this movie for you'll be just disappointed from the lack of "scream" factor.

By the way, Alyson Court and Paul Mercier are still the the voices of Claire Redfield and Leon S Kennedy so it all adds up to the nostalgia thing.

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  1. Rocky finished Resident Evil 2 on hard setting without saving.. LOL


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