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The Difference between Gaming in Your Country and Mine

Here in the Philippines if you want a game, you wait for it to come out... months after the initial release.

We don’t get pre-orders here.

You don’t get anything out of the deal except a “sure” X3 price tag O.o

That goes for systems too. When Wii first hit the Philippines it was the most expensive unit versus the PS3 and Xbox 360.

No freebies either. The retailers kept that for themselves.

Availability is another problem. If you’re used to seeing bargain carts in your country we don’t have that here. Video games are few and far in between.

Our malls sell pirated stuff or overpriced originals. Sometimes this affects the gamers’ decision in buying.

I can’t help but make this article after seeing this picture from kotaku

I wish we had that here in the Philippines.

This is sad coming from a country which grew up on Super Mario Bros.

(Cross-posted on The Videogame Fan)


  1. It is truly sad.How unfortunate you are. I should come to the philippines and bring these stuffs for you. In the meantime I suggest that you should visit my favorite cheat code site it is the coolest heat code site ever!


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