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Less Online Games, More Sports says Philippine Congresswoman

AKBAYAN Party-List Representative Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel's message to a recent commencement exercise at the University of the Philippines Cebu College was that DOTA or any other role-playing game will not help hone the skills needed for college and beyond.

"DOTA, or any role-playing game for that matter, may be fun, but it won’t be able to teach you the skills you need for your first job, or for higher education. You may protest and extol the virtues of being Mogul the Axe for five hours, but unless you are in the brink of developing gaming software and needs the game to test your theories, then play DOTA or any RPG in moderation," she said.

Hontiveros-Baraquel stressed that graduates should take up sports instead of being addicted to online games.

(Via Hackenslash)

Photo source: karasantos


  1. I stress that people entrepreneurship instead of being content on just being an employee. This comic strip says it all:, these are the guys who did take up sports:

    Shawn Kemp - prefers collecting babies like parking tickets
    Mike Tyson - so what happened to his money?
    Magic Johnson - he sure didn't become a multi-millionaire just because of sports
    Scottie Pippen - was desperate for a comeback (when he is already 40+) when he already blew his money from all that gambling
    Kwame Brown - supposed to be the next KG + 3pt. shooting, but now in danger of being out of the league
    Latrell Sprewell - probably the biggest dumbass of them all, refusing a $21 mil contract, now he is out of the league

    Your skills in sports doesn't matter when you don't have a brain. I'm just tired of this anti-videogames propaganda BS.

  2. Stress this kind of issue is not that bis deal. I know that most of our kababayans knows that playing video games are nonsense. We still pursue the manpower-type of living and earn productively, but creating video games is our asset in the future, it's not about the entertainment, it's about art. Game Developers create games for more than 2 years for us to be entertained and not to get addictive to it. Addiction is another issue not for the whole game developers give responsible to this, it's us players and parents. If we are responsible players, we are responsible to the community.


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