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Tokyo Game Show 2009 Line-up

The videogame spectacle known as the Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us. The videogame convention is held annually in Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan and will open on September 24 to September 27, with the usual first 2 days of the expo mostly centred on business of the different companies and the last 2 days will be open for the general public with playable demos on the show floor.
Some companies have already announced their line-up for the TGS convention and here the list of games you should be looking out for in the headlines in a couple days from now.


Assassin's Creed II (PS3/360)

One of the most highly anticipated games this year, Assassin’s Creed II continues where the last, hugely successful, first instalment abruptly left off. Now with a new protagonist, move sets and overhauled graphics. The game will also now be set in the beautiful city of Venice so expect to be in awe with the amazingly detailed building structures that you can climb to your hearts content. And what’s this about a certain famous painter appearing in the game?

Other line-ups:

-Avatar The Game (PS3/360/NDS)
-Rabbids Go Home (Wii)
-Red Steel 2 (Wii)
-Splinter Cell Conviction (360)


Tekken 6 (PS3/360)

One of the most recognized fighting game of all time, along with Virtua Fighter, the Tekken series put 3D fighting games on the map. Question right would be, could more characters and prettier graphics give this old champ the much needed boost?

Other line-ups:

-Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus (PSP)
-Super Robot Taisen Neo (Wii)
-Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP)
-Tales of Vesperia (PS3)
-Tales of Graces (Wii)
-Summon Night X: Tears Crown (DS)
-Blue Dragon (DS)
-.hack//Link (PSP)
-God Eater (PSP)
-Dragon Ball Raging Blast (PS3/360)
-Naruto Shippuuden Narutimate Accel 3 (PSP)
-Idol Master Dearly Stars (DS)
-Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos (PSP)
-Kimi ni Todoke: Sodateru Omoi (DS)
-Fullmetal Alchemist: Senaka wo Takuseshi Mono (PSP)
-Element Hunter (DS)
-Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha (PSP)
-Kaiju Busters (DS)


Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/360)

Is it even a surprise that this will be headlining Square-Enix’s line-up of games? The most well known JRPG/RPG among videogame fans have been Squaresoft’s flagship game since it saved the company from bankruptcy. Now with FFXIII’s arrival nearing you can only bet that the anticipation will be at an all time high fever pitch as the days go by.

Other line-ups:

-The Four Light Warriors: Final Fantasy Gaiden (DS)
-Dissidia: Final Fantasy Universal Tuning (PSP)
-Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii)
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)
-Front Mission Evolved (PS3 / Xbox 360)
-Dragon Quest IX (DS)
-Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (WiiWare)
-Final Fantasy XIV (PS3 / PC)
-Final Fantasy XI: Vandiel Collection 2 (PS2 / Xbox 360 / PC)
-Lord of Vermillion II (Arcade)
-Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road II (Mobile)
-Dragon Quest More Mysterious Dungeon (Mobile)
-Secret of Mana (Mobile)
-Kingdom Hearts Coded (Mobile)


Bayonetta (360/PS3)

Bayonetta has slowly but surely gaining attention now for its Devil May Cry-like fast action and superbly stylish gameplay. Which is not surprise since this game is the brainchild of Hideki Kamiya, the man who gave us Devil May Cry in the first place. What seperates Bayonetta from DMC? How about the equally cool female protagonist with insane set of moves that revolves around four guns strapped to her wrists and ankles, oh, and her magic hair can turn into a giant demon chomping dragon.

Other line-ups:

-Chin Sports (Wii)
-House of the Dead Overkill, The (Wii)
-J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 6: Pride of J (PSP)
-Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP)
-Puyo Puyo 7 (DS/Wii/PSP)
-Resonance of Fate (PS3/360)
-Valkyria Chronicles 2 (PSP)
-Yakuza 4 (PS3)


Lost Planet 2 (PS3/360)

The sequel to the hit 360 game, Lost Planet is an action-shooter set in the distant future when humans are starting to colonize different parts of the galaxy. The game has lots of guns, huge explosions, big bad aliens and mech battles, what more could a sci-fi geek ask for? As you can see, Capcom has revealed a few line-ups for TGS but they stated that they will be announcing more on the day of their presentation. So keep posted.

Other line-ups:

-Ghost Trick (DS)
-Okamiden (DS)
-Mega Man Battle Network: Operate Shooting Star (DS)
-Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Wii)


God of War III

Finally, it’s here. The last chapter of Kratos’ epic revenge tale is almost at hand. Its PS2 brethren have always been able to push the consoles graphics to the limit so it’s almost given that GoW3 maybe the prettiest game in the PS3 when it’s released. And pretty is relative since there really is nothing pretty about how Kratos do things. One thing is for sure, it is gonna be one action-packed and violent ride with everybody’s favourite Spartan besides King Leonidas.

Other line-ups:

-FIFA 10
-Winning Eleven 10
-Gran Turismo 5
-Golden Sword And The Vanished Fleet: Drakes Fortune
-Ratchet & Clank
-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
-Quantum Theory

PSP line-ups:

-Motorstorm: Raging Ice
-Gran Turismo
-Valkyria Chronicles 2
-Persona 3
-Metal Gear Solid
-Dynasty Warriors 5


Halo 3 ODST

What’s this? Halo without Master Chief? Hmm, well now that’s interesting. The game might appear like just another cash cow milking the name of “Halo” for what it’s worth. But fortunately it’s shaping up to be a pretty decent FPS on its own. Here’s hoping that it won’t just settle for being a “decent” game.

Other line-ups:

-Alan Wake
-Fable 3
-Halo Legends
-Halo Reach
-Crackdown 2
-NieR Gestalt
-End of Eternity
-Dragon Ball Raging Blast
-Steins; Gate
-Forza Motorsport 3 Infernal: Hell's Vengeance
-Castlevania Lords of Shadow
-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
-Samurai Spirits Sen
-Mushihime-sama Futari Ver1.5
-Dynasty Warriors Strike Force Special
-Ninety Nine Nights 2
-World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010
-Front Mission Evolved


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