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Globe's Tattooing the YOUniverse at Market! Market!

Yes, they’ve done it again. Not content with already being the country’s fastest-growing prepaid broadband brand, Globe Tattoo Broadband has taken things a step further by staging the most outrageous and buzzworthy spectacle the city has ever seen.

Smack in the middle of the crowded Market! Market! shopping mall, you’ll find an enormous glass box, with a tattooed young couple lounging inside. The box is elevated head and shoulders above shoppers so you – and the rest of the world – can see every move they make and hear every word they utter.

And this eye-catching sight isn’t just an exhibition; it’s the first time ever this has been staged in the Philippines. More importantly, this is the best way to demonstrate the seamless connectivity that only Globe Tattoo Broadband can bring to wild web fans who also happen to be text addicts. There is a bank of broadband-connected laptops surrounding the box. Wander over and type in text message detailing just about any command you like. A high speed Globe Tattoo Broadband connection carries your message straight to a Globe Tattoo cellphone inside the box for the couple to read; a giant screen is also displayed outside the box, where your command will be emblazoned for everyone to see. The couple will then obey by doing as you ask.

Try “dance” and watch them shake and shimmy to the music that surrounds them. Try “laugh” and watch them double over in laughter. Try something a little naughtier … hmmm let’s see what they do. It’s like Pinoy Big Brother on steroids.

It’s the kind of thing you need to see to believe. You need to get over there now because the show is only on from October 16 -18, and words simply cannot do it justice.

If you’re still wondering what this is all about, wonder no more. This is Globe Tattoo Indulge in My YOUniverse, and it’s all about Globe Tattoo Broadband’s hot new offer which is hands-down the wildest deal you’ll find: Load P30 for your surfing needs and you’ll get free Unlitxt for an entire day, so you can surf and text away all at once. To sweeten the pot, Globe Tattoo Broadband prepaid kits come in an array hip new USB designs like Cyber Clover, Techniswish and Cyan Tribe, each one fully-loaded with P 300 good for 15 hours of web browsing. Factor in the prepaid kit price of just P895 – a savings of P 1000 versus the regular price __ and you’ll agree that Globe Tattoo Broadband is definitely your best buy. If you buy your Globe Tattoo Broadband here, you can even get a free henna tattoo or a 20 percent discount on the genuine article. With steals like this one, it’s no wonder the legion of Globe Tattoo Broadband fans continues to swell, making the brand grow way faster than all the others out there.

So find your way over to Market! Market! and browse through an assortment of Globe booths, offering a variety of products and services that run the gamut from Globe Tattoo Broadband kits, SIM packs and phonekits to PCs and laptops from Globe’s partners like Acer, Asus, Globotel, HP and MSI, all available at the mall activity center from October 16 – 18.

You can also get an ultra-cool Globe Tattoo SIM pack for just P 40. Choose your favorite SIM design ranging from biker-chic to psychedelic zen, load at least P 10 and you can get the best-ever text offer out there: Immortaltxt, which gives you 50 free texts to all your friends on Globe and TM plus 10 free texts for other networks. And the free texts will never expire, so you can take your time and enjoy the ride.

You can even get your Globe-exclusive modu phone here; at just 42 grams, this world’s lightest phone will fit neatly into your shopping bag and at P7,999 per prepaid kit, it won’t make a dent in your wallet. It even comes with Immortaltxt for a whole year, so you’ll be all set to text away.

And if you’re not one to wield your wallet around the mall, you can sign up for a GCASH account and get P 20 free just for registering. GCASH newbies can learn more about cashless shopping and prepaid loading at the booth.

In festive fairground fashion, there are a host of other booths you can visit at Globe Tattoo Indulge in My YOUniverse. Get yourself inked at P&P (Poe & Poniete) Tattoo & Body Art known for topnotch body art. Game on online at the eGames outpost, or play spectator and watch Cosplay artists parade in full regalia.

Mari Litonjua, Globe’s Head for Broadband & Landline marketing, says, “Globe Tattoo Indulge in My YOUniverse is the first-ever event to offer such an incredible spectacle. This is the first time ever that anyone has staged something like this, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the country’s first-ever unlimited texting promo for broadband users. We wanted to showcase the convergent quality of our new service, which lets our customers surf and text all at the same time from their PC or laptop. No one else in the country offers this kind of innovation, and Globe Tattoo Broadband will continue to push the envelope to bring new exciting offers to our customers.”

Looks like a weekend of big firsts from Globe. Don’t even think about missing it, because this is one that people will be talking about for years. It’s just the kind of thing that makes Globe Tattoo Broadband the brand that you’re actually super stoked to own, because everyone knows just how much cooler it is than all the rest.

To bring Globe Tattoo Indulge in My YOUniverse to life, Globe Tattoo Broadband’s media partners include Magic 89.9, Monster RX 93.1, IFM, Energy FM, and 101.9 For Life and the Manila Broadcasting Company.

To know more, call our 24/7 Globe Broadband hotline at (02) 919-8888 or visit us today at More pictures of the event at our Facebook Page


  1. Anong sense ng program na ito? Wala naman at panget pa din ang Globe Tattoo! Kahit yung designs panget dahil panget yung pagkakadikit ng sticker! Ang bagal at laging napuputol yung connection ko!

    At saka noon pa naman pupwedeng magtext gamit ang modem, bakit kailangan nyo pang i-hype ang bagay na noon pa naman ay pwede na? Eh kung inaayos nyo na lang yung mga sistema nyo para naman hindi sayang yung pagkakabili namin dito sa modem namin?

    Daig pa kayo ng Sun at Smart! Buti pa Smart namimigay ng libreng modem tapos ang Sun eh 3Mbps! Kayo 3Kbps!

  2. nasa market market ako nung biyernes! Ang masasabi ko lang ay mas mabuti pang mag smart bro nalang kayo mga pare ko dahil wala talagang kwenta ang Globe!!! Sobrang bagal! Laging napuputol! Sayang pera!

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