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[Review][PSP]Tekken 6

Tekken 6 finally arrived at the handheld platform and the fans had some mix emtions about it. Tekken 6, like its predecessor Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, definitely wowed us in the graphics department.

Awesome effects and fluid motion gave Tekken 6 a "PS3 feel" into it. The sound was just like the arcade version and it's all upbeat. What really made this platform of Tekken 6 popular is the Network feature which will enable you to battle other players on their PSP. Other than the mention feature, everything is the same. The character modification is still there, new outfits and accessories that can be bought with gold. The game modes are still the same. The Arcade mode, The story mode which let's you discover the story behind the character. Which by the way is poorly written and watching the Ending CG will only waste our time and effort. The Challenges are still there, Time Attack,Survival and Gold Rush, all the same since Tekken 3. Ghost battle would be nice if you have aquired a lot of ghost battle data, which to newbies, the collected data of other human players (i.e. your friends). Overall, Tekken 6 may be great in graphics and sound, but its Waterloo is the lack of gameplay. Maybe if they throw in a Tekken Force Mode (which is available in PS3) or an RPG-ish type of feature, then Tekken 6 would be great.

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