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Fanboy Fight Fest: Kirby Vs. Pacman

All was well in Kirby’s world. Kirby saw a monster, he ate it. Kirby saw a tree, he ate it. Kirby saw his girlfriend, he ate her too... O.O

Pacman was doing his normal maze rounds but suddenly a ghost appeared, he turned around a corner but another ghost appeared. Flanking me huh! Well what are side warps for. Pacman enters the side warp but things go awry and suddenly he finds himself in a 3d world.

Kirby was eating (insert random stuff here) when he suddenly saw Pacman eating apples of a tree. Kirby suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of hunger. He wanted to eat the biggest lemon he has ever seen.

Pacman was making the best out of a bad situation by eating when suddenly he saw the biggest cotton candy in his whole life. Life was good. He had to take a bite out of that.

Round 1

Both on bite mode Pacman and Kirby silently circled each other intent on biting each other of. Pacman starts of by eating a power pellet. Kirby turns blue and runs like hell!!!

Winner Round 1: Pacman

Round 2

Running away from Pacman, Kirby’s color eventually turns back to normal, he looks around and sees the nearest monster. Using his patented sucking power he sucks the monster inside and starts flying around intent on bumping Pacman unconscious.

Pacman manages avoid a direct hit but is dazed.

Winner Round 2: Kirby

Round 3

Kirby starts sucking Pacman inside his stomach. He succeeds only to be met by a bump in the head by a massive umbrella…

What do you think are you doing to my husband?

Kirby pukes out Pacman o.o and starts uttering words equivalent to a apology.

Mrs. Pacman pinches Pacman’s ears and drags him back to their maze world..

Overall winner: Mrs Pacman!

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