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Going Beyond Video Games

GameOPS has been here for quite a while. For those who still doesn’t know our history, it all came to fruition more than 10 years ago when Jepoy and I decided to launch a website that can rival GameFAQs. An achievable dream then, but what do we know :D.

So what happened? Well for one thing we grew from one idea to another. Like the story of how Nintendo shifted from playing cards to videogames, we evolved from making game guides to a gaming news site but that didn’t stop there. 

Three years ago, we reclassified and relaunched our website to a blog site to meet the challenge of the ever changing internet environment. GameOPS diversified further by adding Fanboy Fightfest, Retro Gaming Nights, and who can forget Pirates 'R Us.

Our topics also grew and we slowly included technology and gadget news, cosplay, Asian movies, toys and pro bono socio civic work. Our family grew from 2 gamers with loftly goals to a whole family of avid enthusiast all sharing the same dream (to see the actual tomb Raider nude code... just kidding)

So why the relaunch you ask?

The relaunch is our way of expressing that GameOPS is still continuing to grow and we're not about to stop.

Well let’s start with the uber new layout. When Jepoy first showed it to me I was totally rocked, this was the future of GameOPS I told myself. Now I know what you're thinking, yes, our new design layout was inspired by our love for Engadget.

Seriously, we all owe this to our resident CSS guru Chris. He created this new layout from scratch in 1 hour but it took Jepoy more than a week to convert this to Blogger's custom code (sloppy underling.). Jepoy even required the help of GameOPS Gurl Gamers Euri and Dian (ano ba... nakakahiya ka na ah...).  DISQUS has also been adopted as the new default commenting system for a much richer user interactivity.

Exclusive Content Upgrades

  • Featured Gamer -The NEW Featured Gamer (FG) category aims to give you gamers from all walks of life from bloggers, to professionals, to cosplayers and even (dare I say it) Maria Ozawa. Different people sharing a passion for gaming. This section is no longer exclusive to hard core gamers.
  • Fanboy Fight Fest - This one is fun. Imagine 2 bad ass videogame characters duking it out in GameOPS Fanboy Fight Fest (FFF). Everybody has their own opinion and my opinion states that Kratos can be defeated by none other than Link and his gay fairies! We're giving you more in the coming days and you can even submit your own epic battles.
  • Retro Gaming Nights - New games not enough to make you excited anymore? Enter the world of Retro Gaming Nights (RGN) and relive the days when a true gamer and a casual one is as different as night and day.
  • Food Fight - Who says gaming and your appetite can't mix? GameOPS Food Fight (FF) features the best gaming themed restaurants around the world!
  • Pirates 'R Us - Despite receiving a lot of flak from another gaming community, we stand tall with our beliefs that a pirate-free community is a healthy community for the gaming industry. Pirates 'R Us [PRU] serves as our way of helping the gaming industry by reporting gaming pirates despite the danger involved :D
  • Nihonsei - A new special section from Siopao Master that deals with Anime, Gadgets, and anything related to Japan or is made in Japan.

The GameOPS Message Boards are Back!

Thanks to Globe Telecom, our message board has been given new life. All you need to do is to get a Globe ID here and point your browsers to and you're ready to interact with millions of Globe Telecom subscribers and hundreds users!

Beware of Tim Cumper? WHUUDAT?!

Timothy Ellis Cumper is not about gaming. So why put so much effort  on this person?

Well like I’ve said earlier GameOPS is not only about videogames, we also have a socio civic consciousness which cannot condone wrong doings especially by people who openly lambast our country. He called GameOPS as Gay-Mops and harassed almost all of our readers and contributors just because Jepoy, Karlo, Siopao and me didn't believe a thing he blogged about a grand-scale scam wherein he was supposedly the victim.

I don't want to go into details about this certified internet stalker, let's just say that Tim Cumper is the King Koopa of GameOPS and the entire Philippine blogging community.

You can read all about him here:

The GameOPS Family is Growing

You know what I'm proud of? It's the passion of our contributors to write for us without expecting something in return. Now let me introduce the new members of the ever growing GameOPS family:

  1. Daniel "VirtualDeeJ" Dela Cruz - Actually, he's really not new. In fact, he's one of the pioneers of the Philippines' first online gaming community, Destiny's Online GameZone (DOGZ) and a former contributor to the old GameOPS. A master of CS and BF:1942, he also coined PayongMan as Jepoy's superhero alter ego.
  2. JM Taylor - He's our resident Ninja from Japan and has been contributing here since September 2009. His Tokyo Game Show 2009 contributions made me drool for several weeks.
  3. Michael Tan - A Twisted Metal 2 addict and a Metal Gear Solid gamer. Michael is currently managing their family business while balancing time between airsoft, gaming and family. 
  4. Kat Pineda -  She's your casual gamer but don't underestimate her. She can easily PWN anyone on any political debate you could think of. Unfortunately, you won't see most of that as she prefers to remain anonymous on that field :P
  5. Euri Chua - She's a 400 something year old vampire that lives in a gothic architectured, victorian-styled, great mansion in the middle of a deep, dark, foggy forest. Her hobbies include collecting bones and other necrotic themed stuff and turning people into puppets. Now if you believed all of these, then please go hit your head with something. Ok, just joking :P
  6. Nikita Lim - You've seen her here before as our Featured Gamer and now she's one of us. Aside from kicking ass in Fatal Frame, Nikita can also be seen cosplaying cute anime and video game characters.
  7. Alex Villafania - This guy needs no introduction especially to gaming veterans. Actually, Alex can replace the entire GameOPS staff and run this site on his own just like what he did when he was still head honcho of's gaming blog, Hackenslash. Welcome to GameOPS Alex and please don't steal my job :P

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jamie Ysrael of ASUS Philippines, Mitch Baylosis of Runup Philippines, and Paula Jalosjos of Strategic Edge Inc. for trusting GameOPS.

We're still migrating the old data to the new site so you might encounter some hiccups or broken links in a few hours or days. BTW, today is also the birthday of igad's creator and fellow GameOPS editor, Mark Anthony Bravo, so it's only fitting to relaunch GameOPS today right? Happy Birthday Mark!

So here I am the mysterious GameOPS founder who keeps vanishing from the site like the provervial Sushi-X wishing you all to enjoy the new GameOPS - Going Beyond Gaming.


    1. Rocky's armor:

      39% Immune to bad effects
      8% Less critical strike taken
      +32 Enhanced defense against against a girl with bad temper
      +42 Elemental defense against 400 year old vampires
      Less 10% damage taken in PVP

      :D haha peace na po

    2. loving the new layout... and excited to see more!

    3. Love the smashing layout! Happy Birthday to meh!

    4. I like the tagline Going beyond gaming!

      I;'m exited for the changes especially the new sections

    5. Hi Jepoy and the rest of the gameops guys...

      Nice intro there. It will be a blast here in GameOps. Thanks for the warm welcome. Really appreciated it. :)



    6. Congratulations on the relaunch, guys! :) It was great meeting most of you during Pinoy Blogfest. Cheers!

    7. makes for a very resfreshing site! great job!

    8. "Now if you believed all of these, then please go hit your head with something. Ok, just joking :P"

      WTF?! YOU--!!!!!!!!!!! *chases Rocky with a flaming broadsword (+9, 80% crit)*

    9. Wowoweewah it's a very nice! HIGH FIVE!!!

    10. Ano ba tong website ninyo? Wala namang nabago dito, ah. Lahat old news. Napag-iwanan na yat kayo ng panahon, ah, no? Buwisit, no?


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