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Featured Gamer: Aerin

A cheerful and lovely girl named Aireen Mangalindan is our featured gamer for today. She's known for her Rei Ayanami cosplay and her sweet moe look automatically skyrocketed her to fame. But I warn you boy, don't let her innoncent looks fool you, she's a hardcore, high level player in Rising Force Online that will kick you to kingdom come if you encounter her on a chip war.

Learn more about her after the jump.

Could you tell us something about yourself? How old are you? Where are you located and what are you currently engaged in?

Elo!~ xD my name is Aireen (aerin,rin) im turning 21 this june! *yay* *b-day gift ko ha!* hik!~ im currently working as a graphic artist in Green Hills~

When was the first time you actually played a video game? What's the name of the game and game system? What or who made you play?

Pac-man! xD my sisters taught me to play games when I was young un~

Do you own a video game console? If yes, what system? Was it your very fist console? What video game platform do you prefer? (PC, Consoles or Handheld)

"yea. . xD
Family computer, psp, ps1, ps2 , ps3[from my bf] *evil grin*, PC. and alot more! xD I prefer playing games in my Nintendo DS xD [The World Ends with you FTW] and on PC [RF Online!] *waves* Hi to bellato elixus players!

What is your favorite video game? Why?

"My fav. Game ryt now is.. Ahm.. idate! and Final Fantasy XIII
idate because I love dancing too! xD

and Final Fantasy XII because, I've been a fan of final fantasy series!~ and FTW graphics too /gg"

How about a particular video game character, who's your favorite? Why?

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII!~ i want her style and looks kc pati personality nia!

Do you play online games? What are your current and all-time favorites? Are you part of a clan or guild? If yes, can you give us some info about your guild?

"hai! hai!
RF online-philippines FTW! ^^
and yep, I have a guild! Vanguard guild~ former God Mode guild!~^^
about my guild~ hmm!~ yea! my guild master is a female gamer too!~ and she's a hot mommy too!~ my other guildmates are a bunch of happy people~ xD we crack knock knock jokes whenever im online~"

If you were to convince a friend or co-worker to play video games, how would you do it? Would you do crazy stuff just to convince him or her?

"its the other way around xD
they do crazy stuffs just to be able talk to me, even if its means playing online games too~ I tend to snob people whenever im playing games xD
yea yea! i know, i know!~ gomenasai minna!~ hih!~

Did playing video games make any difference in your life?

"Games made me happy and my mind pre-occupied.. I also learned alot.
i also get to forget my problems too!~"

Do you have any personal video game related story that you can share with us?

Yes i do have some related games in my life~ lyk.. Idate~ Its like dating with my bf~ and.. tekken.. Hihi! My siblings and I had a lil' real rpg moment back then when were young, I was xiaoyu that time~ and.. Resident evil! Its a special tagu-taguan game, kung sino ang taya xa c jill valentine! Or leo! Kpg ndi edi zombie~ tpos madami pa~ha-ha!!

Have you ever bought (or played) a pirated copy of a video game?

"*puppy eyes*
would you arrest me if i did?
*cute puppy eyes*"

 Any last message you wish to impart to our readers?

"Play the game, don't let the game play you!~
Study first before playing games! ^^

and last but not the least!~
enjoy playing games!~ let's make a very good gaming community in our country~

keep on playin'! gambaro minna!~

and BTW,No to RMT!! [Real money trading] ^^"

Any greetings and link-love to your friends?

Hi to my tomodachi~ nd to my bf hus playing idate na din bcuz of me!~ my family hu drank wine wyl eating dinner!~ it was a funny gud moment~ sarap pa ng fud (txt speak na gomen!)


  1. elow! nde po ako un nasa last picture na nka cat ears^^

    -Aerin Mangalindan

  2. naks sikat na!!
    san ka naman nahugot XD


  3. :)) Sikat kn! nice2x..
    wew.. mukhang late na bago ko mkita e2ng Site n eto Rin ahh...
    anyways.. Congrats..

  4. parang ikaw ung katwoman ah.. hahaha


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