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Featured Gamer: Crophecy

CJ Robles better known as Crophecy online is a cosplayer and a toy collector by heart. She tries to squeeze into her tight academic schedule her hobbies like watching anime, gaming and surfing the net. She's one girl you should never compete in a game or you'll die trying.

Learn more about her after the jump.

Could you tell us something about yourself? How old are you? Where are you located and what are you currently engaged in?

I'm a graduate of BS-Psychology in DLSU, but currently taking up Multimedia Arts in DLS-CSB to pursue my passion. It's quite a long story so I'll skip it. My gaming tastes are quite unconventional. Since I'm not a fan of following trends, I usually play popular games when the fad is over. And I've never played an FF game (GASP IKR)- I'm 23, located in Q.C., engaged in enjoying my summer vacation!

When was the first time you actually played a video game? What's the name of the game and game system? What or who made you play?

Back when I was 10 or so, on our family computer. The OS was still Windows in DOS mode, and all the games I had back then were retro games like pac-man. We only had one computer in the house that time, so me and my brother would always fight for our "PC game time". It was bloody. Limbs were lost (but fortunately, they grew back).

Do you own a video game console? If yes, what system? Was it your very fist console? What video game platform do you prefer? (PC, Consoles or Handheld)

I own a DS Lite and a computer. My first console was a PC. I'm a rather busy person, so I prefer handhelds because you can play them on-the-go.

What is your favorite video game? Why?

Professor Layton games are my current favorite. I love solving puzzles and riddles. Some even take me days to solve, but nothing beats that sense of accomplishment when you finally crack the puzzle.

How about a particular video game character, who's your favorite? Why?

Luke Tristan from the Professor Layton series, because he's so cute, always following the professor around. Oh, and Master Chief from Halo, because he's badass. And the Walnut from Plants vs. Zombies. And the King Of All Cosmos from Katamari. (Okay, I mentioned a lot, but it's really hard to choose just one!)

Do you play online games? What are your current and all-time favorites? Are you part of a clan or guild? If yes, can you give us some info about your guild?

Currently, I don't, and I've never been part of a clan. I used to play a lot of those free mmorpgs like tales of pirates, runescape, and others (I can't remember the titles of the others). I also played Ragnarok Online for a while, and Ultima Online (my personal favorite) in an awesome private shard.

If you were to convince a friend or co-worker to play video games, how would you do it? Would you do crazy stuff just to convince him or her?

I'd show them trailers and music videos of the games that I want him/her to play, but only the really good ones, so as to express how epic those games are, more than any kind of explanation I could possibly come up with. Oh, and talk about it constantly with a deranged look in my eyes, one that hints "I'll kill you in your sleep if you do not play this game right now"... maybe. XD

Did playing video games make any difference in your life?

Yes, in a very horrible way. Like when I played Diablo 2, I think I shortened my lifespan with the way I was playing. Playing every day for at least 16 hours a day without any food breaks (or rest room breaks) is just filthy for your health, hahaha. From that I learned to *try* to manage my time more efficiently. I've made huge progress, but I'm still learning. Old habits die hard, so you must fight hard too!

Do you have any personal video game related story that you can share with us?

The most irritating gaming experience I had was when I played CnC3: Tiberium Wars. I was playing it on BootCamp Windows and for some reason it would crash at random times. So sometimes I'd be in the middle of a game, and right after I think about saving the game, IT CRASHES. So I have to repeat my progress over the last couple of hours. AGH.

Another story:

When I was playing Ultima Online (private shard) with my BFF, we were having a conversation in-game about how much she hated bunnies. Apparently the GM was watching (we were friends with the GM), so he pulled a prank and filled the whole screen with Vorpal bunnies. All of them attacked both of us as swiftly as they appeared, and when we died, we both turned into pink cows. Apparently the GM made it so that anyone who died via vorpal bunny attack would turn into a pink cow. We were pissed because in-game cows can't really do much, and it took a while to get us back to normal. But you can't really aggro against an all powerful GM. Hehe

Have you ever bought (or played) a pirated copy of a video game?

Who hasn't? Though, if I really like the game, even if I have finished playing it, I make sure to buy the original, just to support the game makers. The good ones actually deserve money.

Any last message you wish to impart to our readers?

Gaming should enhance your life, not ruin it. So if you find that all you do is play games and you aren't being very productive IRL, step away from the console for a while. There will always be time to get back to it. (-learned from personal experiences.) :3

Any greetings and link-love to your friends?

Hello to all the awesome people at Otakai Figure Society! :D


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