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GameOPS Survives #juanvote

It's back to business folks. Do not be misled, GameOPS has not turned into a political blog. What inspired in front of your very eyes is the joint effort of the guys to reach out of our comfort zone and bring to you a slice of life that happens once every 6 years.

So, if you were living under a rock here's what happened: GameOPS joined the #juanvote collaboration and as part of #juanvote, we were there to cover the elections. Actually, THEY were there since I have to work after I voted O_o. GameOPS (aka Siopao Master :P ) also went live on Destiny Cable's GNN channel. Are we richer by that experience? Not really, but doing something for our country has its own rewards. Besides, all of us who volunteered for #juanvote did not receive a single centavo.

Going back to my earlier statement, YES! We are doing everything to give you the impression that we are indeed going beyond gaming! Doesn't it show? :D Our new features specially the Nihonsei is doing very well and we have more in store for you. Wait for our new Pirates 'R Us article which is currently hush hush as of the moment.

Also watch out for my uber late Plants vs Zombies article!

This article is quickly becoming an editorial but what the heck. I hope you like the new GameOPS and yes we will bring you more articles per day. More diversity and more banana mangoes o.o

I also would like to congratulate my friend Tonyo Cruz of, Ms. Noemi Dado of, Philippine Online Chronicles, Reklamotion, Code Radio, Vote Report Philippines 2010, Worker's Electoral Watch, TXTPower, RockEd Radio, Global Destiny, and the thousands of netizens who submitted their photos and reports for a successful #juanvote coverage. 

That said join me in welcoming a new era of change in our country! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Gibo Forever!!! :D
GameOPS Survives #juanvote Reviewed by Rocky on 5/12/2010 09:25:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Gibo forever ka dyan.. GORDON-BAYANI pa din!

  2. why did you put my topless pics damn u!

  3. san ka ba kase nagsusuot?

  4. AY! porno site! hahaha! charing! teka... me tatawagan ako sa Davao hehehe kelangan makita to! hahaa!


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