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Google Doodle Celebrates 30th Pac-man Anniversary

No. I am not talking about the so-called pambansang kamao and his exploits, on and off the ring. I am talking about the classic videogame character, Pac-man who gnawed his way to fame as one of the earliest videogame characters ever created.

Remember those 3.5 floppy disks? Yeah, the old days of the floppy disks served as a transpo for the Pac-man games. If I can remember it right, you'll be the envy of your peers if you are able to obtain a Pac-man game and play it on your green or orange colored monitor. Heck, you can be so astig in those days if you have one. :P

But Pac-man, unlike the dinosaurs, didn't go extinct. Instead, he became the icon we know today, sharing the same pedestal with Mario Brothers.

So to celebrate Pac-man's 30 years in existence, Google made a cool doodle (check it out guys now) which depicts Pac-man and in his usual exploits of gnawing those yellow disks and defeating the ghostly baddies. That's the doodle you are seeing on the top of this post.

Well, the good old days of nostalgic with that Pac-man doodle. It makes me feel a little bit older too. :)


  1. i prefer the beauty of the 3.5 floppy over the CD

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