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Nihonsei: Itasha

Konnicihwa minna-san! Ore Sanjou!

It's NIHONSEI once again and today we will feature another Japanese craze.

Itasha is the term used to decorate automobiles with famous anime characters, some are cute and some are just purely awesome. So read on to know what's this Itasha craze is all about.

Originally, itasha was a slang for Italian cars (itaria-sha) in Japan. For these cars became a head turner back then. Now, itasha means "painmobile", for how painful it is to the wallet on customizing your car. Here are some examples of itashas:

Itasha is not limited to cars today, Even electronic gadgets were subject to this "otakuism". Do you know those skins protecting your cellphone or laptop that are available in malls? That's ita-ism for you. Here are some gadgets italized:

Even the recently released iPad was not spared from this ita-ism

I'm planning to ita-lize my laptop or PSP hahaha. Well that's all folks. Jya mata ne!


  1. So cool!! amazing!!! please upload more pics!!! was wanderfull for me!!! atte TAI

  2. The Japanese are quite hardcore in showing off their fandom. They are willing to spend big money on all these things. Those cars are not cheap, mind you. I guess that's why they call these itasha (from the root word "itai" meaning pain) - because a single one can hurt your wallet and your bank account. LOL


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