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Dead or Alive 3D Has Real Shake

(i just love making jepoy's nose bleed)

Remember when Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 made the most use for the PS3's Dual Shock Six Axis technology by allowing you to shake the controller for an on-screen boob jiggle. They even made a commercial about it in Japan for crying out loud!

And in DOA, the boob jiggle is back but in 3D and in 3DS

An unknown investor who lets take for granted is not a poser and is real has posted an impression on his Japanese blog yesterday and shared his 3DS experience. and told readers that you can shake DOA boobies by shaking your Nintendo 3DS.

The E3 demo of Metal Gear was quite a popular pattern, and I personally did not get much of a shock. The usual picture is beautiful, 3D was used to demonstrate some positive effects.
Finally, the demonstration utilizing the motion sensing technology of the U or I think I will not, I thought, "DOA" 試遊 table, the "shake it 頂Kere body, yeah, shake" and conversation. I do so.
Google Translate /rolleyes


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