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Nihonsei: InuYasha on Animax

Many on my age group knows who is InuYasha. Many were captivated by the story of a school girl named Kagome who discovered InuYasha's world. The love that materialized between the two of the and the friends they met along the way was truly a wonderful experience. Animax likes you to relive those fond memories and also watch the conclusion to this classic anime.

InuYasha & InuYasha The Final Act premieres 22 June, airing weekdays 7.30pm first & exclusively on Animax

Animax is the only TV network across Asia to broadcast the complete InuYasha series with InuYasha to be followed by InuYasha – The Final Act.

InuYasha begins with Kagome, a schoolgirl in modern-day Tokyo who falls through a well and lands in feudal Japan where she meets the titular half-dog demon warrior InuYasha. It turns out that Kagome is in possession of the ‘Jewel of Four Souls’, a power-enhancing and wish-granting artefact sought by everyone. Originally seeking the jewel to enhance his abilities and turn himself into a powerful, full-fledged demon, InuYasha then falls in love with Kagome.

As demons and villains of all forms try to possess the jewel, InuYasha tries to protect Kagome and the jewel, but it gets shattered and scattered. It is then left to the two lovers, along with their friends fox demon Shippo, cursed monk Miroku, and demon slayer Sango to retrieve the scattered shards before the jewel and its great powers fall into the wrong hands. Based on Rumiko Takahashi’s (Ranma 1/2) 2002 Shogakukan Manga Award-winning manga series of the same title, the InuYasha anime series brings on TV the action in the first 36 volumes of the manga.

The InuYasha anime series will be followed by InuYasha – The Final Act, which first premiered in October 2009 in an Asia-wide, same-week-as-Japan simulcast on Animax. Picking up from where the action left off, the 26-episode anime series delivers the grand finale to the InuYasha journey that has captivated fans the world over. In this series, InuYasha, Kagome and their friends continue their quest, heading to the inevitable showdown with the ultimate antagonist, demon Naraku who seeks the jewel’s might for world domination. The fate of the lovers Kagome and InuYasha will also be unraveled with the conclusion of a truly beautiful adventure in Japan’s mystical era of feuding warlords. As the direct sequel to the InuYasha anime TV series, InuYasha – The Final Act brings to life the remaining 20 volumes of Rumiko Takahashi’s work.

Even with a five-year gap between InuYasha and InuYasha – The Final Act anime series, truly dedicated key members of the crew and cast saw through the entire journey of the anime franchise. Director Yasunao Aoki (Yakitate!! Japan) helmed both series, with well-loved voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi (Death Note, Ranma1/2) voicing protagonist InuYasha and Satsuki Yukino (Bleach, Full Metal Panic) bringing to life Kagome throughout. Production of both InuYasha and InuYasha – The Final Act were handled by Japan’s top anime studio Sunrise, which also produced global hit franchises including Gundam, Sergeant Keroro, Cowboy Bebop and Code Geass.
Fuelled by its immense popularity, the InuYasha franchise extends well beyond the manga and the two InuYasha anime TV series. In theatres, four InuYasha anime movies with spin-off story arcs were released each year from 2001 to 2004, and chalked up box-office takings of more than US$20 million in Japan alone. In videogames, nine InuYasha game titles were produced from 2001 to 2007 for Sony PlayStation and Sony PlayStation 2, as well as handheld consoles Bandai’s WonderSwan, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS.

Fast Fact:
The Ending song Fukai Mori and Shinjitsu no Uta were sang by the popular band Do As Infinity, but they were disbanded and their vocalist Tomiko Van has gone solo.

Years after, the band got together again to sing the opening song Kimi ga Inai Mirai just for InuYasha the Final Act.


  1. The first sentence of this post made me want to ask, how old is InuYasha anime? I thought it was a relatively new anime :p

  2. hahaha

    the final act was too damn long to create

    old school anime is still good

  3. InuYasha series left a good impression on me...I didn't have the time to be in love with InuYasha until Animax aired it in Asia......I followed the story from then,..I never regret it.....

  4. You should! There were rumors from the first season that the production went bankrupt that's why they had to cut it off short. The ending is so awesome. Takahashi-sensei indeed left us contented with the ending of the story!


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