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Featured Gamer: Hye Nim

Hello once again for another featured gamer! This time, we will discover the gaming habits of one of the emerging darling of the crowd cosplayer Hye Nim. She may look like an innocent girl to you, but when it's game time, you're toast!

Could you tell us something about yourself? How old are you? Where are you located and what are you currently engaged in?

Im Hye Marie Nim but you can also call me hye pronounced as high or hi, a cosplayer who love's portraying chii of chobits,3rd multi media arts student somewhere in taft and gymnast , Im 18 years old, currently residing at Laguna

When was the first time you actually played a video game? What's the name of the game and game system? What or who made you play?

I'm not really sure about this but i think im 5 years old that time when my dad pushed me to play mario using a family computer.

Do you own a video game console? If yes, what system? Was it your very fist console? What video game platform do you prefer? (PC, Consoles or Handheld)

yes I own a video console, one is Playstation (the big one) when i was in 2nd grade and its still here and thank god its still working, then second one is also a playstation 1 (mini version) so i can bring it anywhere when we are out of town or something, 3rd psp its not included anymore i lost it last year somewhere at taft, 4th nintendo gameboy advance SP (the small one that you can fold and put it in your pocket anytime, color silver) a birthday present when i was in 6th grade. lastly my laptop. :D The video game platform i prefer still is psp.


What is your favorite video game? Why?

My all time favorite video game? its old school and i cannot find a game like this anymore and sounds annoying to others but i really really love this game called bust'a'grove, i love that game because, one: dancing is my thing since i was in prep school, second is i like the cute characters like frida shorty and hero.

How about a particular video game character, who's your favorite? Why?

My favorite video game character is lara croft from the game tomb raider. i like her attitude and her braided hair. :D

Do you play online games? What are your current and all-time favorites? Are you part of a clan or guild? If yes, can you give us some info about your guild?

Yes I play Online Games, like Audition and im addicted to that game since im in senior high until now. Nope, im not a part of any clan. :)

If you were to convince a friend or co-worker to play video games, how would you do it? Would you do crazy stuff just to convince him or her?

I'm going to treat him/her for a free lunch just to play a game, or im going to tell his crush that my friend likes her *evil laugh* haha!!! yes why not. :D


Did playing video games make any difference in your life?

yes, I was once addicted to a game last year called left for dead, and i forgot to enter my class twice, and in a result i got a low grade in my philosophy subject B- =((

Do you have any personal video game related story that you can share with us?
Every Saturday afternoon Gian and i going to to the mall, instead of going to a bar, heading up to the nearest arcade station, playing technika is gian's favorite past time while me playing guitar hero and challenging him is one of my most favorite part. :D

Have you ever bought (or played) a pirated copy of a video game?

yeah, i bought a pirated copy of a video game once for my laptop, "sims"

Any last message you wish to impart to our readers?

Hi to all readers, just keep playing games you might win or lose in the end but still just enjoy it. :)

Any greetings and link-love to your friends?

Hi to siopao master, thanks for featuring me here, and to Mr Mike Abundo for introducing me to mr siopao master, My friends in cosplay community, also CPG team, specially my boyfriend Gian Bacuyag for making this this possible for me. :)

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