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Metal Gear Solid Rising Details

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Raiden has become like a cyborg at this point in the Metal Gear Solid storyline (between MGS2 and MGS4). Instead of the rations one would find in other Metal Gear games, Raiden gets power by absorbing energy from fallen foes. Famitsu speculates that this may lead to not just health recovery, but also a power-up system. Of course, when Famitsu makes such speculative statements, they're usually pretty informed, so don't be surprised if you hear more about this in future updates from Konami.

Famitsu also details how you can use Raiden's katana for more than just defeating foes. As shown in the E3 trailer, you can slice up objects that lie on the map -- things like pillars and cars, for instance. According to Famitsu, you'll be able to use this ability to create new weapons and tools.

One example of using Raiden's cutting abilities to create a weapon involves slicing up a pillar diagonally. The pillar will fall apart, with one end being sharp. If you aim well, you can end up using this sharp piece of the pillar to attack a foe.

The site also suggests that you can make more precise cuts to objects in order to create a sphere, for instance. In this fashion, you'll be able to create new tools for Raiden.

Unfortunately, the site doesn't get into specifics on how the game handles all this as far as gameplay systems go. Will you be able to equip Raiden with the items that you create or add them to an inventory of some form? We're going to have to wait for a future update from Konami.

Raiden's cutting abilities can also be used to navigate through stages. You'll be able to slice through barriers and obstacles to create new paths through the stages, for instance.

This was mentioned in the interview summary, but this mechanic plays into the moral side of the game. Presented with a human enemy, instead of a cyborg or mech, you have the option of either attacking and killing the enemy in order to pass, or sparing his life and instead using your katana to carve a separate path through the stage.

The site also mentions a more puzzle-like aspect to the cutting mechanics. You'll be able to use pillars that you've sliced up as bridges, for instance.

It's unclear how much of the game will be based around these noncombat elements. But, then again, Metal Gear Solid Rising is still shrouded in mystery and will probably stay that way until the big Fall game events.

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