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Namie Amuro's Song Ripped-Off by SexBomb Girls?

You may have seen Namie Amuro the past few days on TV. She's Coke Zero's newest celebrity endorser. Namie is considered by many as the Queen of J-Pop and I've been a fan way back in the mid 1990s. Last week, Karlo and I were talking about Namie's new coke commercial when I decided to check out some old videos of her on YouTube.

I saw this old Stop the Music MV and the tune had that spider sense tingling sensation. You know, that Utada Hikaru-Toni Gonzaga / Pinoy Big Brother Theme feel. Then I remembered this old SexBomb Girls song, Di Ko Na Mapipigilan (Please don't ask why I know this song). BOOM! They sound almost exactly the same.

Stop the Music was released in 1995 by Toshiba EMI (now EMI Music Japan) and Di Ko Na Mapipigilan around 2002 by BMG Records Philippines. If I remember correctly, the SexBomb version Di Ko Na Mapipigilan was one of their popular songs. This song was widely circulated in videos, mall shows, and I don't know if there was a teleserye.

I showed both videos to my friends and we came up with the same reaction. The resemblances are very much there, from the hand gestures to the hip sway, and down to the notes of the song. A person not versed in Japanese will mistakingly come up with the conclusion that Di Ko Na Mapipigilan is the Filipino translated version of Stop the Music.

I still can't call this a rip-off as I don't know the real story behind the two songs. BMG Records might have bought the rights to Namie's 1990's song from EMI. Or EMI just gave away the rights to the song as Namie is no longer part of their company

We emailed Focus Entertainment, the handlers of the SexBomb Girls, last Saturday and did a follow-up yesterday. They haven't replied as of now. We're still waiting for your email Focus Entertainment to clear things up.

What do you guys think?


  1. Well, for some reasons, songs that Filipino composers make these days SUCK. All artist ever do is to revive. And please don't remind me that Utada Hikaru Rip of by Toni. I'm getting really irritated (Utada Hikaru fan since First Love single). D=

  2. I'm not familiar with the artist and I just hear these sex-bomb dancers. It's obvious the music are the same. So, you mean, this was back in 1995?

  3. Not surprised at all, because I think they did cover/adapt some Japanese songs before. They have a song entitled "Chotomate Kudasai" from their first album, after all...

  4. sex bomb fan here (waves hand) awwwwwwww!!!!!

  5. damn SEXBOMB...... as always pinoy move!

  6. "Chotto Matte" was licensed right?

  7. gaya gaya puto maya talaga mga pinoy! kakainis!

  8. kinda reminds me of dice & k9 ripping the lyrics of Utada Hikaru's First Love and Tony Gonzaga ripping the melody

  9. Nobody cares. (>O<)
    This post is for anti-sexbomb and pro Namie-chan~ ♥

  10. Not surprised at all, because I think they did cover some Japanese songs before

  11. SOME people commenting here are kind of stupid, but not all of course (redundancy intentional). Do your research and you will see that not all artist have a say in what to sing, usually the call of the Major Record Labels, you are all mere spectators, you don't know if these record labels made a partnership or agreement to release the melody. VERY MUCH like Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" and the song "Stand By Me" same melody different lyrics.

    So what you should do is check the record label involved. If it's a major record label, then more often than not. IT's LEGIT.

  12. i love sexbomb girls songs.............

  13. Namie isn't even the original singer of the song; her version's a cover. The original is an english song by Sophie...


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