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Paprika: Inception's Inspiration?

"Inception" has grossed P61 million in the Philippines in just two weeks. This was announced by Francis Soliven, general manager of Warner Bros. Philippines.

“The film’s exceptional business is being powered by recommendations from those who’ve seen it and curiosity from those who haven’t,” noted Soliven. “Everyone’s talking about it, and in some cases, arguing over certain points about the story! It has clearly transcended the big screen.”

But there's this rumor circulating in the internet that Inception was 'inspired' by a Japanese anime movie, Paprika. Though I read the reviews and watched the trailer years ago, I've never actually watched the movie.

Paprika is a Japanese animated science fiction film, based on Yasutaka Tsutsui's 1993 novel of the same name, about a research psychologist who uses a device that permits therapists to help patients by entering their dreams. The film was directed by Satoshi Kon, animated by Madhouse Studios, and produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The film's music was composed by Susumu Hirasawa, who also composed the soundtrack for Kon's award-winning film, Millennium Actress, and equally lauded television series, Paranoia Agent.

Source: Wikipedia

Synopsis from

The invention of the DC Mini, a device that allows someone to enter another person’s dreams, was meant to revolutionize psychotherapy. However, just before its review for approval by the government, three prototype units are stolen. Soon after, people begin to randomly go insane, and it is suspected that whoever stole the DC Minis is using it to attack the victims’ psyches. Three of the original developers of the device begin an investigation to find the stolen units, assisted in the dream world by the agent “Paprika.”

A YouTube user created this video to show the "inspiration":

So, what do you guys think?


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