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Run Up gets livelier at I Ai Anime

Run Up Philippines, publisher of the cute 3D MMORPG Luna Online, has upped the ante in I Ai Anime ground event on July 10 and 11 at Megatrade Hall 2 in SM Megamall from 10am onwards. Apart from the usual discounts and tournaments for Run Up's games like Luna Online and X Machine Online, there will also be some interesting stage activities as requested by the community.

In the I Ai Anime event, which is a 2-day convention majorly dedicated to anime and anything related like cosplay, toy collecting, gaming and playing anime show covers, Run Up has prepared a set of activities that were mostly suggested by the players.

* Ready... Steady... Go!

In Date the GM, all the players need to do is to top up a minimum of 100 Runs Card to receive a voucher and get a raffle entry. Every top up earns the players a Genesis Crystal, Badge of Lunacy, and Up-Size Capsule and a chance to win a +15 Standard Weapon of Choice [80] and get handcuffed with either GM Summer or GM Aerian for 30 minutes! 2 winners per day will be drawn.

For all the happy, hyper and bouncy players of Luna Online, here's your chance to show off your dancing skills on the stage! Strut your stuff and Do the Luna Dance on stage and if you win, you get a voucher code for a Genesis Crystal, Badge of Lunacy, Up-Size Capsule and a permanent [Jejemon] Costume Set to suit your style! You'll also get to win a Run Up merchandise item of your choice.

Test your reflexes and start exercising because in the Bring Me activity, the first gamer to bring the announced item to the Run Up staff on stage gets to win a voucher code for a Genesis Crystal, Badge of Lunacy, Up-Size Capsule and a permanent [Jejemon] Costume Set and a Run Up merchandise of choice.

Step Up and Win A Lot

A Run Up ground activity wouldn't be complete without the usual tournament.

* This time, the Last Team Standing determines the winning team. Top up 100 Runs Card per member to be able to tegister your team of 5. Participants will be provided with a pre-made level 60 characters. Each member can choose their preferred class. On the battleground, two players from opposing teams will fight. The loser gets knocked out from the fighting roster while the winner stays to take on the next challenger from the next team. The first team to defeat all the members of the opposing team wins the match. Register early because only a total of 8 teams will be allowed in the tournament.

* The winning team gets a +15 Standard Armor Set [80] with +5% Matk/Patk per piece and +200 HP. The second place winners get +10 Standard Armor Set [80], while third place winners get +7 Standard Armor Set [80].

* Let us not forget the awesome cosplayers walking around the place. Take this as your real life quest called Cosbuddy Challenge and get a cosplayer to register a new account and play Luna Online. Both the gamer and the cosplayer will receive vouchers when the cosplayer reaches level 10 on the spot. The vouchers contain a Genesis Crystal, Jigga Sphere, Mashida Sphere, Badge of Lunacy, Cruz and Luna of the Temple of the Holy. The gamer will be given a raffle entry for a chance to win a +10 Standard Armor Set of Choice [80] with +5% Matk/Patk.

* If getting a random cosplayer to play Luna Online seems daunting, then why not get 5 of your friends to play instead? The referred user or friend can only be registered once and the passport will be stamped accordingly upon registration. In Refer a Friend, for your every 5 referrals, a Genesis Crystal, Jigga Sphere, Mashida Sphere, Badge of Lunacy, Cruz and Luna of the Temple of the Holy and also a chance to win a +10 Standard Armor Set of Choice [80] with +5% Matk/Patk in the raffle draw.

* No one goes home empty handed when you attend the I Ai Anime event. Upon registration at the Run Up booth, have your ticket stamped and get items like Genesis Crystal, Jigga Sphere, Mashida Sphere or Badge of Lunacy.

Discounts and Services

Of course, every Run Up ground event is the most anticipated time for great item discounts and packages. For the next two days, drool over the best item sale and services to date.

For every 1000 Runs Card top up, you can avail one of the following services:
* [+5] Stat Points of Choice to Owned Belt [Max 30]
* [+5] Stat Points to Owned Shield [Max 30]
* [+5%] Magical Attack to Owned Armor Piece [Max +10% per armor piece]
* [+5%] Physical Attack to Owned Armor Piece [Max +10% per armor piece]
* [+5%] Magical Defense to Owned Armor Piece [Max +10% per armor piece]
* [+5%] Physical Attack to Owned Armor Piece [Max +10% per armor piece]

For only 500 Runs Card top up, you can buy a Heart Warming Cookie Jar [30D] - Badge which gives you +5 HP and MP Recovery, +10% Move Speed, +1000 to HP and MP, +20% Pdef and Mdef +20 to all stats; or get the Turtle Shell Backpack for [30D] which boosts your Move Speed by +17% and adds 20 to all stats and +2-% to Matk and Patk.

Avail a permanent item for only 3500 Runs Card top up each. Choose from Demented / Heavely Wings of Melee (Patk +2%, Dex +5, Mspeed +30%, Evasion +9, plus sub stats changes); Demented / Heavely Wings of Magic (Matk +2%, Wis +5, HP +300, Evasion +9, plus sub stats changes); and School Time Safety Bag (Vit +3, Set Effect [5], P.Hit Rate +2, Mspeed +138).

Some items can also be directly purchased. At only PhP200.00 per scroll, you get an SP Additonal Order Scroll that gives you a consumable and nontradeable +5 Skill Points. And for only PhP150.00, you can buy the Up-Size Capsule (x10) or the Down-Size Capsule (x10) that will randomly increase or decrease, respectively, the height of your character.

* X Machine Online and Khan Wars Online

In other news, Run Up will also be giving a preview of the Khan Wars Online, a free medieval browser-based game that has earned awards for being the Best Browser-based Game of the Year in 2008 and Best Browser-based Strategy Game in 2009.

For new players who are interested to try out Khan Wars Online (KWO), just create an account at Khan Wars Online and you will receive +100 Coins that you can use to purchase a VIP account. For existing players, come to the event, register and receive +100 Coins for a VIP account and get some additional resources depending on your level: +1800 maximum on each resources for levels 5 and below, +4000 for levels 6 to 10, and +10000 for levels 11 to 20.

Help build KWO's community and get a chance to win a 25-day VIP account plus a +3 to the level of all the account's existing buildings! 5 winners a day will be drawn in the raffle. Just go to the Run Up booth in the I Ai Anime event and sign up for the raffle draw.

It's a winner-takes-all scene in X Machine Online (XMO) during the 1-on-1 PVP mode tournament for all playerers. They can choose from any of the characters to use: Jack, Muramasa, Ryuusei, Reirou, Miko and Azure. Once you lose, you're out of the game. The winner advances until the final round. It will be a best of 3 fight and the first to win 3 matches wins the prizes: 1pc Angelic Robogod Wings, 1pc Cube of Defense, 20pcs Weapon Upgrading Item and 100pcs Trial Potent Recovery Potion (M).

If you're itching to get your hands on Sanada, here's your chance to buy the activation chip for this character! Note that this character will only be available during the I Ai Anime event for only PhP 320.00! It also comes with a Sanada-Intruder (30days) Costume.

Top up your XMO account and for every 500 Runs Cards (single transaction), you will get a voucher for the following items: 15 Weapon Upgrading Chip, 15 Equipment Upgrading Chip, 5 pcs 20% Lucky Item, and 5pcs Principal Protected Upgrading Chip.

Get more friends to join you in your battle and you get lots of awesome prizes! Just bring 4 of your friends and let them register to play XMO. After they have created a character, you will get a Level 40 set of Peerless Horned Helmet, Peerless Footguards, Peerless Cuirass, Peerless Banner, Peerless Targe and Peerless Hand Knife.

So if you don't have anything better to do this coming weekend, take a breather from school or work and troop to the I Ai Anime event and meet other anime and gaming enthusiasts!

More and more people have been joining our Facebook fan pages! Don't be left out and be part of the community already. Look for Luna Online PH and X-Machine Online PH and get to win prizes just by joining our page activities.

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