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Boost Your 3G Broadband Signal with Kitchen Tools

Having signal problems with your wireless broadband like what fellow GameOPS editor Euri is experiencing? Filipino photographer Florentino Calutan has a simple solution for your problems using simple kitchen tools.

Using a strainer, aluminum foil and a M/F USB extension cable, Florentino constructed a parabolic dish (similar to a satellite dish) capable of increasing the signal of any wireless broadband USB device you are using (even Wi-Fi). In theory, a parabolic dish can collect and amplify energy in its "focal" point. This point is most likely located at the center so let's construct your little dish.

Get your strainer and make a hole at the center. Insert and glue the M/F USB extension cable on the hole you just made. You can immediately use this by inserting the USB modem at the center of the strainer and plugging the other end of the cable to your computer's USB port.

You can also wrap the strainer with aluminum foil for a much stronger signal gain. But since this is a parabolic dish, you may want to point your little signal booster to the location of your operator's cellsite or your wireless router (if using a Wi-Fi connection).

A similar DIY instruction set for signal boosting can be found at Instructables.


  1. WTH? I do not have kitchen tools at home. Are there other options?

    My room only contains a bed and 2 desk. All other stuffs are skulls and shit.

  2. @euri - anything metal-parabolic stuff would do. You may also try the "pringles can" XD

  3. Wow, I didn't know this can be done using kitchen utensils. This is a really genius idea! Bravo! I hope it really works.

  4. haha.!. it makes me laugh when first saw this, but ill give it a shot...

  5. is this serious,

  6. I never knew that strainers can also use for a 3g broad band signal. I just thought it is used in cooking activities, in sink, bathroom and industrial business. Thanks for this very informative blog. I will bookmark it.

  7. I have Longcheer wm66 modem lately receiving 125-118dB but when i made own pdish my signal is 83-72dB rain or shine, i can now play Warrock and Cabal Online games. THANKS for the idea!

  8. wahahahaha.....lemme try dis one....:D

  9. Thanks for sharing this, it was amazing blog. And i love to read about "

    Boost Your 3G Broadband Signal with Kitchen Tools". Thanks again
    Garlic Peeler

  10. Really innovative stuffs. I never know that these kitchen tools can be used for this purpose. But the thought to using them for improving 3G broadband signals.

  11. it works ...!!

  12. Thats amazing. I am pretty sure that this trick will be working. The thinker of the concept must have a great vision.

  13. wow i can use this in my office at RD PAWNSHOP-branches far away in city like rural areas or remote location,,thanks brother for this idea,,im one of the Technical Support Staff in RD Pawnshop

  14. sexybebot masmaganda yan kung ilalabas lakas ng signal


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