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Globe Launches MyFi Portable WiFi Router

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you want the worldwide web to be just a few clicks away, all the time. Because you never know when you’ll need to traverse the cyber world, Globe has got your ideal travel buddy: the Globe Tattoo MyFi, the latest in a slew of cool innovations that’ll have the gadget geek in you salivating.

The Globe Tattoo MyFi is an all-in-one wireless modem/router that enables you to share your internet access with up to five WiFi-capable access devices as far as 100 meters away. With your MyFi, you can web-connect all your favorite gadgets to the internet so you can surf using your laptop, iPhone, iPad and even your iPod Touch. And because the MyFi is mobile, you’re not tied down to one location; you’re free to wander up to 100 meters away as long as there is a Globe 3G signal. Other WiFi routers keep you chained to one place, denying you the mobility and functionality that are your top must-haves.

You can get the Globe Tattoo MyFi now by signing up for a monthly Globe Tattoo Broadband plan for as low as P499 per month and then choosing to get this router instead of the usual USB stick; the MyFi will cost just an extra P 250 per month for 24 months and will already do double-duty as both your modem and WiFi router. It’s the most affordable share-able postpaid broadband service you’ll find anywhere in the country. Now if you’d rather go prepaid, you can still get the MyFi for a single upfront payment of P 7000 from Globe. And once you’ve got your MyFi, just plug it in and you can surf at speeds up to 3mbps!

Globe Head of Broadband and Landline Marketing Dong Ronquillo says, “We recognize that our customers have very full, busy lives and they need a brand that will keep up with them anytime and anywhere. With the Globe Tattoo MyFi, you get all access, on the go, just the way you like it. No one else in the country offers this kind of mobile innovation, and Globe Tattoo will continue to innovate to bring exciting new services and products to our customers.”

With Globe Tattoo MyFi, you’ll be ahead of the pack with the newest, hippest mobile broadband gadget only from Globe. Now you can live your fast-paced life exactly the way you want it. Now, you can easily stand out and make your mark!

Globe MyFi Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Globe’s current plans/ rates for MyFi?

- The MyFi device can be availed on Postpaid by simply adding P250/month on a Tattoo Postpaid plan, either Plan 499 or Plan 999.
- To avail of a Myfi on Prepaid, just get one for P7000 outright payment.

What are the advantages of having a MyFi?

- Globe Tattoo MyFi allows you to have just ONE internet source for all your Wi-Fi-capable devices. Now you can go online on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and laptop with just one device!
- It’s truly mobile!
- Globe Tattoo MyFi allows you to maximize your internet connection because it’s share-able for up to 5 users!
- When plugged, share your internet for up to 100m, when using battery, up to 30m! Battery lasts 3 hours.
- The most affordable modem & router-in-one device!

What are the available designs for the MyFi?

- There are currently 3 available, limited-edition designs to choose from:

Is the MyFi available to existing Tattoo Postpaid subscribers?

- The MyFi is currently not available to old Tattoo postpaid subscribers, but we are looking at this possibility in the future. In the meantime, you may get a Prepaid one.

Is the MyFi available to current Tattoo Prepaid subscribers?

- All Tattoo prepaid subscribers can avail of the MyFi device by just paying a one-time price of P7000.

What is the advantage of getting the Postpaid MyFi over the Prepaid one?

- Getting the Postpaid option will save you P1000 off the Prepaid price of P7000 because P250/month X 24 = P6000.

Is the MyFi locked to Globe?

- Yes, the MyFi device is locked to Globe.

Where can I get myself a MyFi?

- You can get a MyFi device in the Globe Store nearest you.

Is Globe the first network provider to offer this revolutionary device?

- Other providers have made their own routers available, but the Globe Tattoo MyFi is the only one who can give you full mobility, functionality and style at the same time.

Does the MyFi device have a lock-in period?

- For the Postpaid MyFi, the lock-in period is 24 months, along with your Tattoo subscription.
The Prepaid MyFi does nto have a lock-in period.

If I get a MyFi device, do I still get the Tattoo stick?

- When you avail of the MyFi device by paying the additional P250, you no longer get the Tattoo stick. The MyFi functions as both a modem and a router so you no longer need the stick.

Disclosure: Author is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.


  1. This is great! But sometimes Globe's signal is down. I hope that it will not happen to be like that again.


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