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AIKA Global Opens Level 60

Seoul, Korea - (October 28, 2010)— The path to glory remains as T3entertainment and Hanbitsoft inc. Together with Redbana Philippines unravel the much awaited patch of the award winning MMORPG, AIKA Global. The new patch will arrive on October 28, 2010 and with it comes new items and new maps to explore. Also, the GMs with the help of council members, composed of player volunteers, have put together three special events lined up for the month. The following events are:

Rally Racing

This November, the City of Regenshein marks the start of the racing craze that will be held this month of November! The city which stands as home and trading venue for all Elters will now experience a month of awesome mount racing action. GMs and senators from the council will guide players thru the event and great prizes are up for grabs. Mount owners only need to register themselves at before the event starts. Simply state your character name (IGN), your nation name and an answer to the question, “What is AIKA Global to you?”

Regenshein Under Siege!

Something dark is brewing for the citizens of Regenshein and no one knows what evils await the city. In this event, players are asked to be prepared to defend themselves against haywire robot experiments that are going to invade the Regenshein. There is no given date so players will just have to be on their feet. After this imminent attack, GMs will choose 5 heroes from each nation who have played their role very well. All players are welcome to defend against the incoming danger.

Intercepting the Package

This event entails escorting the GM to a safe point without being wiped out while an opposing team tries to kill your escort group. A Courier party will escort the GM to a safe point without being wiped out while an opposing team (Interceptors) will try to kill them all. Each team should be a perfect party. This calls for good teamwork and a perfect set of skills. Prizes await the winners/survivors. There will be divisions so that all players of different levels can participate.

AIKA Global WAR Coupon Event

Kill another character from an enemy nation and get the chance to earn any of the WAR Coupons. Probability of dropping WAR coupons is only activated if you kill someone whose level is 41 and higher. This event though is limited to November 19 until November 28, 2010 (Friday to Sunday only). Each letter in the word “WAR” can get you rare item prizes. For further details on rules and schedules of the events and the patch visit:

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  1. Woohoo I cant wait to play aika global because of the awesome events coming :D


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