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Team Bajina Represents the Philippines at AFA X

Patrisha Delgado and Sese Ramirez will be the official representatives of the Philippines on the upcoming Anime Festival Asia: Regional Cosplay Competition as Team Bajina. According to Sese, their team name was taken from Quatro Bajina from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Team Bajina will cosplay characters from the video game Xenosaga. Patrisha will be KOS-MOS while Sese will be T-elos.

AFA’s Regional Cosplay Championship is back!

Anime Festival Asia will once again host its wildly anticipated Regional Cosplay Championship at this year’s AFA X! Last year’s championship saw over 5,000 attendees, with at least 70 cosplayers spanning over 30 teams. Regional Cosplay Championship is arguably one of the largest cosplay competitions to be held in Southeast Asia!

The top cosplay team from each participating Southeast Asian country will be sponsored by AFA X to compete in the Regional Cosplay Championship during the two-day anime festival where they will perform and be judged by a panel of distinguished guests from Japan and around the region, which includes internationally renowned cosplayer KANAME☆.

At AFA X, KANAME☆ will also conduct a closed-door panel session for cosplayers to learn more about cosplaying at anime conventions by sharing useful insights from his rich personal experience.

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  1. This is awesome. Who won in this event? I ma really excited since I am just starting to cosplay right now.


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