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Gran Turismo 5 new release date

After 4 years of waiting, it looks like Gran Turismo 5 will be finally released soon. The newest (and hopefully the most final) release date is on November 24 of this year. It was last set for release on November 23.

While anything is possible and this date could theoretically change again, the 24th is in two weeks, and I think a game company is not likely being over-optimistic should they make an announcement of a release date coming up in 11 days.

Kazunori Yamauchi says GT5 is completely different from GT5 Prologue. He claims that he and the rest of the development team has put their soul into its production. With a list of totally new features including one that lets you manage races over your web browser, a dynamic weather system, go-karts, random track-generation system, and 1031 cars and 71 tracks... yes it really does sound like they put their soul into GT5.

But is it good? Unfortunately for me, I sent my PS3 far, far away from where I am now. I don't know when I'll actually be able to play it. =(


  1. Maganda sana yung grand turismo kung nasisira yung mga kotse pag nagbanggaan.

  2. Visible car damage is a new feature in Gran Turismo 5.


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