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(UPDATE) Our Nokia and LG Sale Experience at SM City North EDSA

Me and Jepoy tried our luck at yesterday's sale of Nokia Philippines and LG Electronics Philippines at SM North EDSA. Both companies announced that they'll be selling their phones (Nokia C6 & Optimus One P500) at a discounted price of P6,490.

There were already reports of people camping out at SM Megamall as early as 12 midnight. We decided to go around 9AM since we live close, as in really close, to SM City North EDSA. And so everyone's nightmare begin.


0930H  - SM North EDSA: The Annex, 1st floor entrance
I arrived at the target location, as expected, a lot of potential "competitors" were already lined up, wishing to have a chance to get a P6,490 LG Optimus One, that's 50% off the original price. A cheap Android phone with the latest version, Froyo, installed. Who would pass this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Tension rose as some people formed their own line so that they can get ahead. A lot of shouting was heard, but the people who formed the line did not care. A minute have passed and the ceremonial passing of whistle of the guards were heard. SM City North EDSA was officially opened to accept customers. The shouting escalated and the tension can be felt. It was every man for himself. It's like an episode of Amazing Race as customers lined up in front of the LG shop located at the 4th floor. I wasn't lucky though as I managed to fall in line right in front of Power Mac Center.

Just like earlier, a group of customers managed to create a new line, the end of the line was no were to be found because a circle was formed as the two lines met.

Chaos started, customers ran and broke the line, compressing everyone in front of the LG store. The neighboring stores were terrified of a potential stampede.

Security were doubled and "bouncers" were deployed, bringing order to the enraged crowd. A zigzagging line was established as the customers finally calmed and just sat there waiting for the time. As the announcer of LG was saying, the 50% will only start at 2PM. 10 stubs will be given to accommodate 10 customers at a time. 3 counters was available. --- for showing a demo of the unit, another for the payment, and the third for final inspection.

The line was broken as people managed to compress yet again towards the LG store. I manage to be swept by the "flow" in front. My hopes went up, "I have a chance!", I said to myself. Meanwhile, another line managed to be formed at the left side near the entrance. The people in front of the original line was shouting in a fit of rage. The people on the other line did not care as always.

The tension was at its peek when the announcer said that the sale has officially started. The first 10 customers were given the stubs. The crowd compressed once again. Chaos was at hand again. I took out my camera from its bag to avoid a potential crushing.

Fifteen minutes had passed, only a few customers came out from the shop. Some saw an opportunity and managed to get in front of the line. Principles and Moral values were forgotten, each on his own was in effect.

Ten minutes left in the promo as some walked out already. I was still there, not thinking of getting a chance to grab that phone. I was there waiting for a potential stampede or bloodbath.

The announcer declared that the promo was officially over. A lot of disappointed customers were shouting curse words and angry statements. It was said that almost 20 units were only sold during the hour length promo. The demo part of the promo really was effective in delaying the time. Only a few loses on the part of LG.

I was really disappointed on what happened. It should be a "first x customers will get the chance to get the 50% off" Stubs should be given earlier so others could leave and do something productive. LG wasted almost 6 hours of our lives. I really think their marketing department should consider on what happened. For their own sake.


Unlike the chaos Siopao Master experienced, it was a bit peaceful at my end. Well at least in the early hours. I arrived around 10:00 AM and the door at the second floor entrance of SM City North EDSA's The Annex was already open. I saw a lot of people from the first floor running towards the 4th floor CyberZone where LG and Nokia stores are located.

When I arrived at the 4th floor of The Annex, there were already hundreds of people lined up in front of the LG store. People were shouting and pushing each other so they can get the best place. I saw my friend Rain Contreras lined up right in front of LG's store and from my estimate, there were about 20-30 people ahead of him so chances of him getting the LG Optimus One was high. Had a brief chat with him before I headed towards the Nokia store at the other side of the 4th floor.

I was this close!

Line at the Nokia store was short. No shouting, no pushing, no chaos. It was rather peaceful. I said to my self, "You'll be mine C6". From my count, I was about number 35-45 in line. I met Mii and Lalaine around 11:30AM. Mii left her LG line since she was about number 500+. By this time, people in front were already shouting "HOY PUTA^S%A&S HUWAG KAYONG SUMINGIT!!"

Then somebody from Nokia announced that they will only be selling 60 units. This made the crowd unruly. People in front started shouting at the Nokia employee and pushing each other. By 12:30PM, the crowd in front tripled. I was like number 150+ now, thanks to all the singits in line.

A Nokia employee took a digital photo of the line and before they opened the doors at 1:00PM, she asked the people not in the photo she took to leave the line. Her actions were futile as the crowd in front doubled again. More pushing and shouting again. By 1:45PM, all of the 60 units of Nokia C6 were sold out. The people who managed to get inside the Nokia store were shouting and cursing the employees of Nokia.

Did I get a Nokia C6? NO. Did Rain and Siopao Master get an LG Optimus One? NO.

An old couple waiting patiently in front of the Nokia Store

Of course I'm disappointed. Nokia did not specify in their online and offline advertisements that they will only sell 60 units. There were about 200+ people lining up and no one from Nokia even bothered telling these people that all of their C6 stocks have been depleted. People were still in line until 3:00PM including an old couple who I saw since 10AM!

They didn't even control the crowd. I don't know why they've already sold 60 units by 1:45PM and my line hasn't moved a bit. I went there hoping that from 1PM to 3PM, they can accommodate everyone. I've always preferred Nokia and Symbian over iOS and Android despite the obvious inferiority of the OS. But yesterday's experience, I felt mocked and betrayed by Nokia.

*Sigh* Siopao, Rain, Lalaine, Mark and I had to settle with KFC's Double Down for our 4PM lunch. If the Sammy guys (Samsung) are reading this, this is a perfect time to assimilate me into your collective. 90% sale of your Galaxy S! Quick!

(UPDATE: 11/15/2010)

Abe Olandres of Yugatech asked both LG Electronics Philippines and Nokia Philippines for their official statement on what happened last Saturday. LG was quick to issue the following statement:

LG Electronics Philippines wishes to thank the overwhelming number of customers who responded to our special ONE HOUR SALE for the LG OPTIMUS One Android 2.2 smart phone at LG Concept Stores at SM North EDSA Annex, SM MegaMall, SM Cebu City, and Gaisano Davao last Saturday.

Given that the announced sale was limited only to one hour (by DTI permit # 5911 series of 2010) and that only a limited number of customers were served, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused those who traveled long distances and lined up for hours (despite clarificatory announcements made by LG personnel) for the opportunity to purchase an Android 2.2-powered LG OPTIMUS One at half rate.

We will be contacting all customers who came to the LG OPTIMUS One Sale and left their contact details with the LG Team last Saturday with a special offer starting today, November 15, 2010.

Thank you for your continued support.

AFAIK, the only "clarificatory announcement" that the LG personnel made was the sale duration: 2PM to 3PM. Helpful indeed. - Siopao


(UPDATE: 11/17/2010)

This is the official statement of Nokia Philippines sent to Abe Olandres of yesterday:

(We) understand a lot of people’s frustration stems from the fact that they lined up and weren’t able to get the unit. There’s only so much we can sell within the 2 hour sale period (which we computed for based on average length per transaction). We had that stock plus a little buffer.

Unfortunately, we really can’t serve everyone who lined up. If they were turned away (I’m assuming they were at the end of the line already) then it was because we had projected a number of units to be sold and didn’t think they’d made it to the Nokia store within the sale period.

I was very close to the Nokia store (see photo above) and by 1:45PM, they were already turning people away inside the store. I did not get any stubs, they did not control the line (ang daming singit). Hundreds of people have lined up since 10am and they didn't even bother telling these people that they only have 60 units. - Jepoy


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  1. Well, all i can say is that what Nokia did was really unfair and downright deceiving. I saw the ads in the papers and they did not specify that there was only 60 units to be sold. Even if if that is the case, they should have just given numbers to the first 60 buyers and sent away other people who fell in line. Really, really stupid of Nokia to do that.
    As for LG, they should have controlled the crowd and really really avoided the delaying tactics they have employed.
    As for the crowd, really really classy. All of us have been cursed with consumerism and the two mobile companies has seized that fact. Yet I reckon that LG and Nokia have gained more haters than fans that fateful Saturday afternoon.

  2. LG planned this very well. The "demo" part was the key, imagine 5mins demo per customer!

    Nokia deceived everyone by not stating the number of units available on their online and offline ads.


  3. sad naman cap. d ka nakakuha nung cellphone. :( pati si siopao. :( napagod lang kyo sa wala. sus talaga yang mga yan. kaya papabili na lang ako sa asawa ko sa saudi ng cp, half price din. :>

  4. for me.. di na lang ako bibili ng kahit anong product ng LG.. discourage ko mga friends and family ko to patronize any LG products..

  5. Even the guys and gals of LG did not expect the crowd turn out. I’ve posted a blog on my experience at SM North EDSA. Kindly read naman po.


  6. Oh great LG, you were passing around your paper with the list for our contact details when your people stopped it five people short of it reaching me. GOOD JOB!

  7. May Nokia N8 50% off sale daw sa 1st week ng December :-o

  8. but but but... may angry birds din naman :(


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