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Featured Gamer: Jia Gold Bustamante

Anime and gaming enthusiasts finally hit gold. Gamer girl and international cosplayer Jia Gold has been cosplaying for a year now. You can see her wearing one of her favorite game girls like Cassandra of Soul Calibur 4 and Kos Mos of Xenosaga.

Mixing her dedication for gaming and love for cosplay that is recognized even abroad, she won the cosplay competition at the Asia Cosplay Meet. She was also one of the youngest judge at a recent cosplay competition in the Philippines.

Know more about this fast rising star after the break!

Could you tell us something about yourself? How old are you? Where are you located and what are you currently engaged in?

I'm Jia Gold M. Bustamante from the Philippines and I'm 14 years old. I'm into cosplaying and I won last Asia Cosplay Meet Finals in Singapore (July 2010) "Finest Cosplayer in Asia"

When was the first time you actually played a video game? What's the name of the game and game system? What or who made you play?

..err since I was young >can't remember it< and Tekken 3 (Namco) -first game ^^ (played it using PS1)

Do you own a video game console? If yes, what system? Was it your very fist console? What video game platform do you prefer? (PC, Consoles or Handheld)

Yes , PC & PSP

What is your favorite video game? Why?

Tekken ...It's because it's somehow related to martial arts and it's a very challenging game for me :D to know the skills specially the combos that I can apply in my hobby (Taekwondo) :D

How about a particular video game character, who's your favorite? Why?

Lili (tekken)-- I love her figure and styles in fighting and kinda cool one :D

Cassandra Alexandra (Soul Calibur) --- even tough she acts like a boy or let's say "boyish" and having those characteristics of being fiery and outspoken, but she cares so much for her family particularly her sister :D

Do you play online games? What are your current and all-time favorites? Are you part of a clan or guild? If yes, can you give us some info about your guild?

I do prefer arcade games/video games :D

If you were to convince a friend or co-worker to play video games, how would you do it? Would you do crazy stuff just to convince him or her?

hahahah!I will just play and play and let him/her know that I really enjoy playing that game so that in that way , I can convince him/her to join me to play that game (teasing him/her in a simple way hahah XD) :)

Did playing video games make any difference in your life?

Yes ... It also turned out that some of my favorite characters in video games are converted into cosplay ^^

Do you have any personal video game related story that you can share with us?

>.< Xenosaga -Kos mos Not really her life story but her personality ..I love her personality and I think I have a little of her but not as an armored Gynoid but as KOS MOS. I will do anything I can for Shion & the world (the one that I love>family<) even though it will take my life just to save them."

Have you ever bought (or played) a pirated copy of a video game?

not yet ...but if ever I'm conscious about that game , I will try to go to the arcade shop(mall) with my friends and try it !

Any last message you wish to impart to our readers?

Hi there! I wish you enjoy reading this short interview about me and enjoy gaming ^_^just know your limitations and don't play too much and take it seriously just enjoy it as you enjoy your life :D

-Jia Gold
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