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Tokyo's "Anti-Loli" Bill Approved By Committee

If you're a fan of manga, anime, or any form of Japanese pop culture, then you're probably familiar with the term "otaku." It's a word used to describe fans who are deeply passionate about anime and manga, and who often collect and consume related merchandise.

Unfortunately, it looks like otaku culture is under threat once again, this time in the form of Japan's revised Bill 156, also known as the "Anti-loli bill." The bill was recently approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's General Affairs Committee, and if it passes the final vote of the Full Assembly, it could mean the end of loli, shota, yuri, yaoi, and other related content for otaku fans. (Former President Gloria Arroyo approved a similar bill last year.) 

Under the bill, materials that "unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate" certain sexual or pseudo-sexual acts will be regulated, including manga, anime, and other images. This means that the government will have the power to regulate images that are deemed to be excessively disruptive to social order, including those depicting rape.

While the aim of the bill is to promote healthy development for young people, many otaku fans fear that it will have a significant impact on their beloved hobby. It's not just about the loss of content, but also the potential censorship and restriction of artistic expression.

As a fan of anime and manga, I understand the concerns of otaku fans. While I support the aim of promoting healthy development for young people, I believe that there must be a balance between regulation and artistic expression. We can only hope that the final vote of the Full Assembly will take into consideration the impact of this bill on otaku culture and find a solution that benefits both young people and the creative industry.

This is it Siopao Master, Euri, Rocky, Mike... this is the end :(

(Via Rain Contreras. Please follow him on Twitter for the latest on Bill 156:


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