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Vote for Filipina Cosplayer Jerry Polence at the Philippine Blog Awards

Filipina cosplayer Jerry Polence as C.C. from Code Geass.
Jerry Polence cosplays C.C. from Code Geass.

Cosplay babes are geek babes. One thing I love about geek babes is that they combine beauty and brains. That's why almost all popular cosplay babes are self-published Net idols. That's also why two Filipina cosplayers have been nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards. Alodia Gosiengfiao was nominated for an award in 2009. Now Jerry Polence is nominated for five awards in 2010.

Filipina Cosplayer-Blogger

Filipina cosplayer Jerry Polence as Jue from The Animatrix.
Jerry Polence cosplays Jue from The Animatrix.

Jerry is nominated for awards in five categories: Best Hobby and Recreation Blog, Best Blog Design, Top Three Photo Posts, Readers' Choice, and Bloggers' Choice. Since 2003, Filipina cosplayers have been blogging their way to recognition as legitimate performance artists. Unlike most bloggers, Jerry can't just hammer out a hundred words and call it a blog post. She has to make her costume, set up her photoshoot, internalize her character, and get her photos processed -- and that's before she writes a blog post talking about her character and her costume, in a way that nongeeks and nontailors can understand.

Jerry Polence appears on Tek Tok TV.

For all those reasons and more, Jerry gets my vote to win the awards for Readers' Choice and Bloggers' Choice at the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. You too can support Filipina cosplayers in the blogosphere by voting for Jerry.

How to Vote

Here's how to vote for Jerry in the Readers' Choice category:

1. "Like" the Philippine Blog Awards on Facebook.

2. "Like" Jerry's entry in the Readers' Choice category.

3. (Optional) Tell your Facebook friends to vote for Jerry, too!

If you have a blog, here's how to vote for Jerry in the Bloggers' Choice category:

1. Write a blog post about why Jerry should win the award for Bloggers' Choice at the Philippine Blog Awards. You can use any blogging platform, self-hosted or otherwise -- WordPress, TypePad, ExpressionEngine, Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Friendster, Multiply, whatever.

2. Post the URL of your blog post in the comments for the Bloggers' Choice nominee list.

3. (Optional) Tell your blogger friends to vote for Jerry, too!

Deadline for voting in both categories is 11:59pm on December 11, 2010 Manila time (UTC+8). Vote now!

It's About Time

Cosplayers work hard to contribute compelling content to the blogosphere, often at great personal expense for very little recognition or reward. If Jerry wins, she would become the first cosplayer in history to win at the Philippine Blog Awards. It's about time the Philippines' most creative young geek babes get the recognition they deserve.

(Disclosure: I am Jerry's manager. I've seen firsthand how hard she works to put together every costume, every photoshoot, every portrayal, and every post on her blog -- from Animatrix's Jue to Code Geass' C.C. This entry was crossposted from The Mike Abundo Effect.)


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