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Globe Telecom Demos HSPA+ Mobile Broadband

Globe Telecom finally showed a fully working HSPA+ network to the Philippine media this morning at the Heritage Hotel in Manila. HSPA+ is the next evolution step of the current 3.5G network of Globe and promises download speeds greater than 4Mbps.

Globe's Peter Bithos said, "We’re rolling out 4G in places were people actually need them, not at a distant resort". This statement is probably in reference to Smart's LTE tests last week at Boracay. There are currently 20 sites in Metro Manila that are HSPA+ ready. Globe HSPA+ will cover almost the entire metropolis and other major cities in the country by year end.

We tried the usual "speedtest" and got a 10.62Mbps download speed on Globe's own server. Of course this is not accurate and just measures the connection of Globe's HSPA+ network to their own server at that time. Though really not the "real world" speed, the 10Mbps we got showed that Globe's HSPA+ network can pump at least 10Mbps of data.

To "stress test" Globe HSPA+, Rico of Technogra.Ph fired up is Steam account to download yaoi porn and downloaded several games at the same time. While downloading, he also loaded a video of SNSD on YouTube.

This is when Globe's HSPA+ showed its strength. The Steam downloads were consistent at 450KB/sec (kilobytes/sec) or about 3600Mbps (megabits/sec) while the YouTube video showed no signs of buffering. Rico's a huge 1:43 fan so I also noticed that another window of Chrome was loading a video of 1:43's latest single, PiNK on YouTube... Okay, I just made that last one up. :P

Globe Telecom will be offering devices and services that will use their HSPA+ network in the coming months and the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be one of those devices. As for Globe's LTE roll-out, earliest will be on 2012. One wish Globe, increase the daily bandwidth cap. 1GB is not enough for prepaid! 6GB? 4GB? :~)

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  1. OMG!!! Philippine connections are too slow. Mine can pump 15Mb/p!!! And it's HSPA+


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