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Wii HD 2012?

For my graduation paper last year, I wrote a list of proposals to Nintendo that I thought would help Mario's corporation position itself better against the competition. In it I also made some predictions about the video game industry, some of which I noticed are starting to come out in the press. I'd like to put this out there so that in case the stuff I wrote in my paper turn out to be right, I can tell people (and my professor), "See? I knew what I was talking about."

I had recommended to Nintendo a 2012-2013 release for a new console. 2013 would be the very latest if Nintendo wants to get first-mover advantage on the next generation of consoles because, based on some sales forecasting that I did, 2014 is when I figured Sony and/or Microsoft would be releasing their new systems.

A few days ago I read that, according to multiple sources, Nintendo is planning a late 2012 launch for the new Nintendo console. Also, recently Kotaku reported that sources say "the next Xbox and Playstation won't be released until 2014."

So yes, as you can see I did my work properly. I wasn't just playing video games all the time in business school.

One other thing I mentioned on my paper was that the next Nintendo console should not be a completely new and high-powered machine that is siginificantly superior to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but should instead be an iterative update to the Wii, with processing and graphical capabilities only at par or just a tad bit better than the competition's current home consoles. So while we already have news of a very strange controller that is obviously totally different from what we have today, I still think the main system itself won't be a major technological leap over current consoles.

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