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Destiny Cable Loses Basketball TV

On May 1, 2011, thousands of Global Destiny Cable (formerly Destiny Cable) subscribers were surprised to see this message on Basketball TV:

Basketball TV has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Global Destiny's competitor effective May 1, 2011. NBA games can still be seen on ESPN (ch.31) and Studio 23 (ch.17). For more NBA games, you may subscribe to NBA PREMIUM by calling 810-2828 / 8945714 or the branch nearest you. Thank you for bearing with us.

Solar TV (Basketball TV) recently signed a contract with ABS-CBN to broadcast NBA games on Studio 23. We all know that ABS-CBN owns SKYCable. Do the math guys.

When Sky Cable signed an "exclusive contract" with Star TV a few years ago, all the channels offered by Star TV were removed from Destiny Cable's lineup. This made Destiny Cable vulnerable. Sky, like any other vulture, attempted to acquire Destiny Cable from the owners. But the owner, Ms. Elena Lim, was firm. She didn't like the idea of a monopoly and refused the offer of Sky Cable. Instead, Destiny Cable merged with Global Cable.

Sky Cable acquired Home Cable from PLDT and Sun Cable to become the largest cable tv operator in the country. Destiny Cable Inc. renamed its corporate name to Global Destiny Cable Inc. and transferred all broadband services to its new company, Solid Broadband Corporation. Global Destiny became the second largest cable provider in the country.

Now, we're seeing another similar scenario. A Cable Company and Solar TV signing on an "exclusive arrangement" just in time for the NBA Playoffs. Yes, Destiny Cable will lose subscribers. A lot of them.

Yesterday, Solar TV released a statement that their contract with Global Destiny has expired. No mention of an "exclusive arrangement" with another cable company.

Statement regarding BTV on Global Destiny
Date Posted: 02 May 2011

Our contract with Global Destiny has expired and has been replaced with NBA Premium TV. A premium service that will provide you a 24/7 NBA coverage. It will air up to two playoff games per day providing in-depth pre- and post-coverage with no local commercials. During off-season it will air WNBA, NBA, NBA Draft, Summer League and more exciting features. You can subscribe by calling 8102828/8945714 or visit We value and appreciate your continued support for the NBA, rest assured that we are committed in our efforts to provide the best coverage of the NBA for the Filipino basketball fan.

Remember the time when Solar was not in good terms with ABS-CBN? Solar pulled all their channels from SKYCable due to some conflict and people started dropping Sky Cable subscriptions in favor of Global Destiny Cable. ABS-CBN thought that Jack TV is too violent. It's just amazing what money can do between former "enemies".

I hope Destiny can stand their ground and refuse any other take over from Sky Cable or other companies in the future. You have my respect Destiny Cable. You suck Solar.

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  1. The only good channel in destiny cable is BTV, they have no decent movie channel. Whatever happened to STAR movies? didn't they use to have it. When we switched to Destiny cable about 3 years I was surprised most of my favorite channel were gone. AXN? Max (Cinemax before)? Animax?


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