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Globe Telecom Launches Squish All-in-One Messenger

The Globe Telecom Squish Social Pad is here! It’s the newest, easiest way to create new social circles and stay connected to ALL your messenger and social networking accounts—right through your mobile phone.

The breakthrough Globe App, Squish is a one-stop social spot where you can stay in touch with your Squish friends AND bring together all your other online activities from different sites. From instant messaging, chatting, posting and social gaming, it’s all seamless and easily accessible on any mobile phone from Java and Symbian phones to the latest smartphones like BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android.

And if you’ve got more friends and updates than you can handle, just SQUISH them all into one place for complete and easy access! It’s the clever way to build your own new social circle so everyone and everything is all conveniently together.

What is SQUISH?

SQUISH is a single app that lets you communicate, play mobile games and share life’s special moments with your friends using different mobile phones.

How much is the Squish application?

SQUISH app is FREE! Subscriber should use myGlobe Connect (access point) to avoid additional browsing charges.

How much is the access to use SQUISH?

A promotional/trial period of 30 days is given to new SQUISH users. It starts from the first use of the service. Note that a user can avail of the 30-day trial only once.

Until when is the promo or trial period?

It’s until December 31, 2011 (subject to automatic extension).

What happens after the 30-day promo/trial period?

You’ll need to register to one of the four SQUISH plans:
  •     P15 – 1 day unlimited access
  •     P30 – 3 days unlimited access (initially offered for special weekend competition)
  •     P50 – 5 days unlimited access
  •     P100 – 30 days unlimited access
Note: Subscriber should use myGlobe Connect (access point) to avoid additional browsing charges.

Is SQUISH available to Postpaid, GHP Prepaid and TM?

SQUISH is initially available to GHP Prepaid and TM. But we’re working to make SQUISH available to Postpaid soon.

What mobile phones do SQUISH support?

It works on Java phone, Android, Symbian, iPhone and BlackBerry with Windows Phone coming soon.

What are those four tabs that I see on the interface?

Updates Tab
It shows the latest Facebook post, Twitter tweets, shared photos, activities and latest comments from your friends. You’ll find what your friends are up to and when they post new pictures or update their status. You can “like” and comment on them instantly on mobile.

Chats Tab
It enables you to have all IMs all in one place. This tab supports the major IM networks: Yahoo, MSN, Facebook Chat and Gtalk. A single sign-in enables you to sign in to all your IM accounts concurrently, showing everything on a single page. The convenience of everything on hand reduces the hassle in switching from IM to IM, so you can chat or message friends easily through a simple interface. If a friend isn’t on SQUISH, you can easily send invitations through various channels to get them to join you on SQUISH. (Scroll below for more info on Chats Tab.)

Services Tab
This is where you can play social games, participate in discussions, vote in polls, chat in chat rooms and do much more. It’s the doorway to mobile entertainment and fun. Plus, this tab keeps the user busy, socially interacting with friends on SQUISH. (Scroll below for more info on Services Tab.)

Me Tab
This is your Homepage. It displays your name card where you can update your profile, view notifications from friends, change general or privacy settings and view other services such as “friends,” “message” and “photos” that are offered in this tab. (Scroll below for more info on Me Tab.)

I’ve installed this app. What’s next?

There are several things that we recommend for you to get the best out of SQUISH:
  • Add Facebook or Twitter to unite your social life in one place.
  • Go to “Chat”, click “Menu” and “Manage Accounts.” Add your MSN, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger or Facebook chat.
  • Go to “Services” to try the games. Or, click “Circle” to check the biggest talk in town or receive RSS for the latest news. Or, visit the chatrooms and chat with friends or users in SQUISH.
  • Add friends recommended by SQUISH or invite a friend to join in the fun with you!
  • Once you’ve added your friends, go to your “Me” tab to upload your profile picture so your friends will be able to recognize you easily when receiving your invites or visiting your profile. Click “Edit My Profile” to take a photo or choose an existing photo from your phone’s album to set it as your profile picture. Enter your name and any other info that you may want to share.
I’ve added my IM accounts and updated my profile. What do I do next?

Have you added your Facebook or Twitter account? If not, add it now so that you can keep yourself up to date with the activities on your Facebook and Twitter. Go to “Updates” and click “Menu”. Click “Facebook” or “Twitter” and click “Add”. Enter your login email/username and password. Make sure that the “Publish my status” field is checked so even your own updates are reflected in the “Updates” tab. Once all is done, SQUISH will update you on the posting and events from it.

Can I use SQUISH and at the same time make and receive phone calls?

Yes. When you have an incoming call, you can answer it and the application will be hidden. When you finished your call, you’ll be directed to SQUISH.

I can’t log in. I keep seeing “Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection.” What seems to be the problem?

Please make sure that your phone has mobile network signal and data service coverage. To test it, start your phone internet browser and check whether you’re able to connect to the internet. If you can’t, you can either move to a place with network coverage or you can contact the operator support for assistance.

What's a PIN?

A PIN is a unique number issued to you as your private ID. You can tell your SQUISH friends to add you by your PIN if you don’t want them to know your phone number.

I want another account. How do I get this?

Each mobile number will have only one account. In order to get multiple accounts, you’ll need to have multiple SIM cards and phones.

Text SQUISH to 2910 to download the app!


  1. i can't download using my Nokia 6600, it always says 'installation security error'. know what to do?

  2. @1c330a942b7b5121d6046463866cf594 - Have you tried installing the application onto the phone and not on the memory card? 

    If you still can't install the app, please send an email to custhelp [at]


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