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Metal Gear Solid 3D and HD - TGS 2011 Hands-on

The thing game companies like to do these days is to remake old games. It’s a great way to reduce production costs and lower retail prices, which is especially important in today’s market considering the video game industry is experiencing a slump. I have mixed feelings about this practice. While on the one hand there is a demand for remakes (and sometimes they’re pretty cool), at the same time it just seems like game companies are being lazy.

In keeping with this trend (of laziness or inspiration, I don’t know), Konami is, instead of making new Metal Gear games, releasing several remakes. Four in particular. And I would only actually call one of them an actual remake – Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D for the 3DS.

MGS Snake Eater 3D (3DS)

To be honest, I don’t really remember Metal Gear Solid 3 enough (even though I played the crap out of it) to make a comparison of what has and hasn’t changed. The controls seem to have been simplified, which is a necessity as the four face buttons (YXAB) have replaced the function of the PS2’s right analog stick. Weapon and item selection is now on the touch screen… which I think is a bit awkward since it isn’t possible to hold the stylus and keep your hands on the controls at the same time. I had to use my finger to access the touch screen, and although that was okay, it’s technically not what you’re supposed to do.

The 3D effect was excellent. It was very clear and I didn’t experience any blurriness. Objects noticeably pop out of the screen even on the lowest 3D setting. The bad thing I noticed about 3D on the 3DS while playing MGS is that if you even tilt the screen a little bit, the 3D effect is lost and the screen becomes completely blurry. You need to keep your hands steady to maintain clarity. While this probably won’t be a major problem, I can see it becoming problematic during intense gaming sessions where a lot of action is happening.

MGS Peace Walker HD (PS3 and Xbox 360)

The other game I played was MGS Peace Walker HD, originally a PSP game, now ported to the PS3 and Xbox 360. I never played Peace Walker on PSP, but I’m assuming this is exactly the same game, except with improved graphics. Actually, the graphics aren’t exactly significantly improved. More detail was not added to the textures, instead the game was just given HD resolution. So certain objects still look pretty much what they looked like on the PSP -- pixilated.

The same goes for the other two remakes, Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty HD and Snake Eater HD (these will be sold together in one package). I did not bother playing them, but from having watched other people play while waiting in line, the graphics haven’t changed from the original PS2 versions. They’ve just been given HD resolution. Gameplay looked like it remained exactly the same as well, except that there are some new features, such as trophies/game achievements and extra missions.

Of the MGS games at TGS 2011, I'm only interested in Peace Walker mainly because I never played it on the PSP. I don’t really see the point of playing the same game again in HD unless you’re absolutely crazy about MGS. Still, MGS HD is a pretty good deal if you've never played them before considering you get both Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater for the price of one.

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  1. Cool! I posted this HD version of the games before, too. The first MGS that I played is the guns of the patriot and it made me a fan of the game.


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