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Ranma 1/2 Live Action Coming this December

The popular Rumiko Takahashi manga, Ranma 1/2, will have a 2 hour live action drama special this December 2011. The TV drama will start on the first chapter of the manga where Akane hopes to carry on her father's dojo into the distant future. Her father one day declares that the successor of their dojo must be male so she and Ranma where arranged to be married.

Yui Aragaki, Kento Kaku and Nastuna Watanabe will play the roles Akane, Ranma (male) and Ranma (female) respectively.


Yui Aragaki - Akane Tendo
Kento Kaku - Ranma Saotome
Natsuna Watanabe - Ranma Saotome
Kyoko Hasegawa - Kasumi Tendo
Shosuke Tanihara - Tofu Ono
Arata Furuta - Genma Saotome
Katsuhisa Namase - Soun Tendo


  1. I am so watching this! x3

    PS: What a handsome Ranma. x3

  2. I don't wanna miss this, I'll download it for sure. ^_^

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