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We are Luzon's Best Technology Blog!

It happened. It's hard to swallow and there are big footsteps to fill but GameOPS is finally here! Best Tech Blog baby! Well, best in Luzon... Anyway, we still won at the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards 2011!

This would not have been possible if not for Maria Ozawa... and the hard work of all the devoted GameOPS team.

JM Taylor, our resident ninja from Japan. Mike Abundo for being the awesome him and accepting our award. Siopao Master for the girls (and gremlins) O.O. Jepoy for doing everything that is insanely possible. Euri for the news and games not tied to Mobius =D. "Congressman" Mark for the Android reviews. Rochelle for calling my Galaxy Y a cheap phone =) Just kidding, we love you Roch. Bea for being a constant inspiration to Jepoy, btw congrats on the baby. Amie for all the MMORPG scoops. Detective OPS wherever you are, thanks for always being there in the shadows.

Lastly for Glen and me FOR ALL THE HARD WORK *bro fist*. Running a blog site is hard specially for a hands on person like me... *trollface* so thanks for all the support guys!

To the team: Since its traditional that we celebrate all our endeavors at Shakey's. This one's on me.

Random thought: Maybe we should start paying the writer's...nah xD

Happy Holidays Guys! Make Mine GameOPS!!!

BTW, Our anniversary contest has been moved to January due time constraints and last minute sponsors joining.


  1. Natawa ako, except dun sa inspiration part. o_o

    Go GameOps! Ay teka, ndi ako pwedeng lumabas na, padeliver na lang ang blowout! joke! Cheers for the team and for 2012! :D

  2. Bea pangalanan mo na GameOPS World Peace yung baby mo para swerte! O_O

  3. epic post which contains both Maria Ozawa and Mike Abundo O.O

  4. "Lastly for Glen and me FOR ALL THE HARD WORK *bro fist*. Running a blog site is hard specially for a hands on person like me..."


  5. Thanks for putting me next to Maria, Rocky. More power to GameOPS! :D

  6. pwede ninang! Si Ron Artest nagpapalit ng pangalan to Metta World Peace XD

  7. That is great and congrats on getting the award. All the hardwork and the efforts which you have taken has bore results. And as time pass by, you can continue to win awards and become one of the best gaming companies in the industry.


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