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Achievement Unlocked: Ruffa Gutierrez Blocked Me On Twitter

Have you ever been insulted or made to feel uncool because you haven't tried a certain product? Well, that's exactly what happened when local celebrity Ruffa Gutierrez tweeted that if you haven't tried the Selecta Magnum Ice Cream, you're not cool.

As someone who doesn't appreciate this kind of tactless behavior, I replied to her tweet with a witty comeback. Unfortunately, I got blocked. But the real issue here is not about being blocked or not; it's about the attitude of certain people who think that their taste in food or products makes them superior to others.

To the agency or marketing people behind the Selecta Magnum campaign, it's important to train your talents to be more respectful and mindful of their audience. It's not okay to belittle people just because they haven't tried a certain product. Instead of resorting to such tactics, why not focus on promoting the product's features and benefits?

Moreover, Ruffa's tweet is particularly insensitive given the current situation in our country. Millions of Filipinos are struggling to make ends meet, and they certainly don't have the luxury of trying out expensive ice cream brands. It's important to be mindful of these realities and to avoid making statements that are hurtful or dismissive of people's struggles.

In conclusion, let's all strive to be more empathetic and respectful towards others, regardless of their taste in products or any other aspect of their lives. And to Ruffa, let's use our platform and influence to spread positivity and kindness, not to put others down.

Anyway, here's your prize. Gackt's Magnum and a few insights from social media experts:

“If your reputation sucks, none of it matters. People with lousy products, crummy business practices, and shady backgrounds get found out. And word spreads with frightening speed.” – Sonia Simone

(Twitter screencap: Larry Cayco)


  1. For the record, masarap yung Magnum na ice cream. Yung magnum ni Gackt, hindi ko alam. Pero I wish to know.

    While I'm at it, kasalanan mo kung bakit ka na block. Because you trolled her. Tapos ngayon, rerekla-reklamo ka. Iyakin! Bleh!

  2.  @euri - sayong sayo na yung magnum ni gackt. D: Also, hindi ko sia tinroll. hmpftsase675e8

  3. OA mo naman! Para yun lang. Gusto mo mag-rally na kami! Magnum! YUM!!

  4. Kaya nga!. Saksakan ng arte! May pa-blog blog pa! hahahaha

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