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Achievement Unlocked: Ruffa Gutierrez Blocked Me On Twitter

Apparently, insulting people by telling them they're not cool just because they don't know or haven't tasted the overly hyped Selecta Magnum Ice Cream is alright for local celebrity, Ruffa Gutierrez. A few hours ago, she tweeted, "If you don't know what #magnum is or have never tried it, you ain't COOL. ---source"

I was irritated by this tactless update so I replied with, "I saw @GACKT's magnum. I'm cooler than you. ¬_¬ --source"

I got blocked.

I remember her saying that she automatically blocks people she doesn't like or something like that. Well people, do your part. Start blocking her (of course, block her if you don't like her. Walang sapilitan).

To the agency or marketing people handling this Selecta Magnum campaign, better train your "talents." You can start maybe at potty training? Or I have a better idea. Why not provide FREE Magnum Ice Creams to all 90+million Filipinos so we can all be cool?

To you Ruffa, I dare you say your tweet to the millions of starving people who cannot even afford to buy a cup of rice. Of course, I'm just a nobody here on cyberspace so go on, ignore me. Good job, Ruffa! Good job!

Anyway, here's your prize. Gackt's Magnum and a few insights from social media experts:

“If your reputation sucks, none of it matters. People with lousy products, crummy business practices, and shady backgrounds get found out. And word spreads with frightening speed.” – Sonia Simone

(Twitter screencap: Larry Cayco)
Achievement Unlocked: Ruffa Gutierrez Blocked Me On Twitter Reviewed by Jepoy on 3/14/2012 05:53:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. For the record, masarap yung Magnum na ice cream. Yung magnum ni Gackt, hindi ko alam. Pero I wish to know.

    While I'm at it, kasalanan mo kung bakit ka na block. Because you trolled her. Tapos ngayon, rerekla-reklamo ka. Iyakin! Bleh!

  2.  @euri - sayong sayo na yung magnum ni gackt. D: Also, hindi ko sia tinroll. hmpftsase675e8

  3. OA mo naman! Para yun lang. Gusto mo mag-rally na kami! Magnum! YUM!!

  4. Kaya nga!. Saksakan ng arte! May pa-blog blog pa! hahahaha

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