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Tokyo Game Show 2013 - Day 1 (Part Deux) AKA Space Qube

Aside from those mentioned in the previous article, the only other game I got a chance to demo was a very interesting indie iOS game called "Space Qube". It's a scrolling shooter with cute oversized pixel graphics, like Minecraft, and while the gameplay itself wasn't anything particularly special, it had a unique spaceship generating system. 

In Space Qube, you can fly the game's generic 3D ship, or build your own one gigantic pixel at a time using the in-game editor. What makes it more interesting is that the very ship you design can also be made into an actual 3D model which will be sent to you by snail mail. 3D models can be ordered within the app, are "printed" in color in San Francisco, and delivered right to your doorstep. Additionally any model you build can be uploaded to the internet for everyone to see, and if you like a model built by someone else, you can import that into your editor for use in your game or for printing.

I only had a chance to play one level of Space Qube, but it was enough to see that it likely didn't have a very deep gameplay system. It appears that rather than a game, it's focused more as a model building system. This may not sound compelling to folks looking for a shooter in the traditional sense, but the ability to generate your own game models and actually have it shipped to you as a real, physical toy has, for me, tons of appeal to it.

That's it for now! I gotta go catch some Zs (I work Sundays, ugh), but will definitely be getting more TGS stuff in tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some random pictures...

If I remember right, these people were playing Soul Sacrifice on the new PS Vita

PlayStation Vita TV. It's actually white.
A demo of the PS Vita TV
Live demonstration of Deep Down
Wolfenstein: The New Order - unfortunately I didn't have time to try it out

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