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Super late last post on the Tokyo Game Show 2013!

I had been writing a somewhat long entry about my thoughts concerning the game show and next gen gaming, but unfortunately due to this thing called "life", it seems I'll never be able to complete it. Work, family matters, and various commitments kept propping up, and now it's been over a week since TGS. I've decided to call it quits and instead just post random pictures I still have on my hard drive from the expo.

And so, without further ado, here they are:

People ogling the PlayStation 4

Rear view of PS4

View from the other side

Closer look at the Dual Shock 4

Another point of view of the DS4

The Playroom, a techdemo that will come bundled with every PS4

Dude playing Killzone: Shadow Fall

Yoshinori Ono (center), producer of the Street Fighter IV series, talking about Deep Down

Various colors/models of the new PS Vita

God Eater 2 Fenrir Edition PS Vita

Gundam Breaker Starter Pack PS Vista

PS Vita Play! Game Pack (3G/Wifi). Comes with Power Pro Stadium, Minna no Golf 6 (Everybody's Golf 6), Minna to Issho DLC, 32GB memory card, screen protector, and 20 hours of pre-paid internet from NTT Docomo, all for 24,129 Yen (tax included). Will sell starting the end of October.

Another Battlefield 4 booth image

BF4 booth lady making sure there were no deserters.

Sengoku Basara 4

Sega Booth

The Xbox One and his girlfriends. Wanted to take more pics up close, but didn't want to cramp his style.

Akiba Strip 2? What the hell is this?

SQEX TOYS - What does it sound like to you?

Great idea for the utterly lazy. A contraption you attach your tablet to so you can use your device without holding it while lying in bed.

Hatsune Miku Domino's Pizza! Expensive, but comes with free Miku stickers.

Delicious new addition to the TGS food court - fat slabs of bacon on a stick. 500 Yen. WIN!

A collaboration between the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise and JiNS, a glasses company. These glasses are supposedly for "hackers". Helps prevent common hacker problems such as eye strain and jail time.

JiNS PC for Hackers glasses vending machine. They cost a whopping 9,900 Yen a pair.
Hacker glasses model with little red/orange Tachikoma

TJ Ken. Not TGS-related, but I found this masked guy by the train station near the convention playing his own heavy metal rendition of Highway Star. Rock on dude!

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