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Overwatch: Will it click in the Philippines?

The Philippines is DOTA country. For years competitive DOTA has been the bread and butter of numerous internet shops located all around the country. A game that needs 10 players, it is not surprising to see a group of kids all looking intently at the monitor with problematic looks in their faces. Somebody dies and then the insults starts hurling. What makes DOTA fun was in the trash talking. It was not enough that you killed the carry, there was a complimentary insult as well ranging from the casual "weak" to the more damaging "don't play here anymore"

When DOTA 2 arrived it was met with resistance due to an emotional attachment to DOTA. It still clicked though due mainly to the sparkly graphics. DOTA 2  replaced DOTA and again countless internet shops had to upgrade their pc's to accommodate the will of the customers.

Then comes Overwatch.

To sum it up, Overwatch is a crossbreed of Dota 2's MOBA gameplay and Counter Strikes FPS gameplay. Which is more dominant? The FPS element.

The game looks great and the gamers were excited. DOTA 2 was never this fast. Many wanted to try but many obstacles started to bar the way.

Lots of players in the Philippines go to computer shops to play. The problem? no Overwatch. I interviewed several shop owners and they have cited that it was "easier to install DOTA 2". Specifically they were having problems with

Another major blow is the internet connectivity of the country. Those who have painstakingly bought and installed Overwatch have commented that _L_T (the main provider of internet for the country) cannot handle Overwatch. Lag comments and Ping problems proliferated the boards.

 Until these issues are resolved it can be concluded that Overwatch won't overtake DOTA 2 anytime soon in the Philippines.

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